Serge Aurier Cleared Of Charges From Throat-slitting Gesture

Ivory Coast international defender Serge Aurier will face no charges from FIFA after he made a throat-slitting gesture to supporters.

Aurier is a PSG player whose soccer success goes hand in hand with his controversial actions.

However during the tournament between Ivory Coast and Mali, the 23-year old star made a couple of gestures that put him once again in the headlines.

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First, it was great to know that the controversial star can be up to some good sometimes.

Moussa Doumbia, a Malian footballer and midfielder who plays for the Russian Rostov club was knocked unconscious and was having seizure when Serge Aurier came to his rescue.

French Radio Report had this to say:

“All the players realized that Doumbia was choking and was about to swallow his tongue,”

“That’s when Aurier, with one of our players, quickly put him on his side and pulled out his tongue, because he was about to lose his life.”

The life saving gesture was praised and commended by everyone. However that star registered yet another cause for FIFA authorities to worry.

In celebration of a goal in the 3-1 victory of the match against Mali, Serge Aurier turned to the cheering and excited fans and made a throat-slitting gesture by dragging his hand across his throat.

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Rescuing Moussa Doumbia was indeed an exceptional gesture that is worth commending but the throat slitting gesture got authorities and indeed some fans wondering what had warranted the gesture.

Report now confirms that FIFA has cleared him of all charges in relation to the throat-slitting gesture.

A while back this year, Serge was suspended for insulting former PSG coach Laurent Blanc. The insult went round to some of his team mates – including Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Salvatore Sirigu.

The most recent of his controversial drama is the pending 2-month jail term for assaulting a French police man.