Should Mugabe Step Down And Look After His Grandson?

Some Zimbabweans have urged President Mugabe to step down and look after his grandson.

The nonagenarian became a grand father when his daughter and her husband Bona and Simba Chikore had a baby last month.

The Southern African president had to travel to the Far East, Singapore where his daughter gave birth. The visit seemed to turn out great as photos of Mugabe holding his grandson floated around the internet.

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Regardless, some Zimbabweans believe it’s time the 92-yearold stepped down as it would enable him to have quality time with his family, especially his grandson.

Zimbabweans Urge Mugabe To Step Down To Look After Grandson
Mugabe Posing With Simbanashe

President Mugabe has however refuted any claim that he would be stepping down soon. His political party the The Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU–PF) has also endorsed him to run for the 2018 presidential rule which would see him possibly extending his rule into the fifth decade.

Even though there have been speculations that the president could possibly be dying due to his frequent trips abroad and his frail looks, Mugabe who is intent on ruling Zimbabwe bashed the allegations saying that he’s not dying.

This week, the youth of the ZANU-PF organized a million-man march which saw millions in attendance to show their support for the president who has ruled since Zimbabwe’s independence from Britain 36 years ago.

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Despite the president’s stance, opposers of Mugabe’s rule have always stated their desire to see the president step down. They are fed up with enduring his failed economic policies, vast unemployment and dire poverty that has gripped the nation previously called Breadbasket of Africa.