Simba Chikore Mugabe’s Son-in-Law Now The COO Of Air Zimbabwe

Simba Chikore, popularly known as President Mugabe’s son-in-law has been made the new Chief Operating Officer of the national airline, Air Zimbabwe.

Air Zimbabwe is going through a tough period, as the only person who constantly flies the national airline is President Mugabe.

Lately, it was realized that the airline had gone into debt, $300m to be precise, leaving the Zimbabwean taxpayers to bail it out.

Simba Chikore, according to the state media is a pilot who has worked for both Qatar airways, as well as Emirate. Both airlines have however denied the 39-year-old ever working for them.

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When the Air Zimbabwe chairman Chipo Dyanda was reached for comment regarding Simba Chikore’s position as the new COO of the airline,  The Source reports him as saying, “Yes, thank you I have to go for a meeting.”

Zimbabweans are in true fashion skeptical of Chikore’s suitability for the job. President Mugabe is being criticized by Zimbabweans for running the country based on nepotism and patronage.

Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) spokesman Obert Gutu demanded that the process which led to the hiring of Simba Chikore to be made public.

“We challenge the Air Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd board as well as the Minister of Transport to furnish us with full details of Simba Chikore’s professional qualifications as well as work experience,” Gutu told New Zimbabwe.

He equated Zimbabwe to a private company with a majority of its shareholders having ties with the president, Mugabe.

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“The MDC would like to condemn, in the strongest terms possible, the Zanu PF regime’s continued plunder of State resources as well as the regime’s utter and complete disregard and disdain for the dictates of good corporate governance.”

Chikore’s appointment comes on the heels of the appointment of Ripton Muzenda, the son of the late former VP of Zimbabwe as the Chief Executive Officer of the airline.