Luke Aikins has made 18,000 parachute jumps in his lifetime and has helped train some of the world’s most elite skydivers.

His experience even includes work on some of the stunts for Ironman 3, but we are still not sure how much that qualifies him for his latest planned jump.

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The skydiver has plans to jump out of a plane without a parachute or a wingsuit, a feat which will be broadcast live by Fox network on Saturday night. He aims to land in a 20-story high net in California without crashing through or bouncing out.

He will jump out of an airplane at 25,000 feet this weekend in an attempt to become the first person to land safely on the ground in a net. The idea is really crazy and no one can accuse you of being unkind for saying it because Luke Aikins himself admits it.

He tells the Guardian;

“If I wasn’t nervous I would be stupid…We’re talking about jumping without a parachute, and I take that very seriously. It’s not a joke”

The net which Luke Aikins is meant to land on is about one-third the size of a football field and 20 stories high, providing a lot of space, the question remains if it will be enough. The landing target, which has been described as similar to a fishing trawler net, has been tested repeatedly using dummies.

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On one of the tests, the 200-pound (91-kilogram) dummies did not bounce out, rather, it crashed right through. Jimmy Smith, the veteran Hollywood public relations man who, with his partner Bobby Ware, came up with the idea of having someone skydive without a parachute said of that particular test;

“That was not a good thing to see”

Fox will broadcast the stunt on a tape delay, as is the case with all its live broadcasts and the broadcast will contain a warning not to try this at home. I don’t think they need to tell us that.

It will truly be a first of its kind jump, because while other skydivers have jumped from planes without parachutes, they have had someone hand them one in midair. He tells Guardian his reasoning behind the stunt; “To me, I’m proving that we can do stuff that we don’t think we can do if we approach it the right way”