So What’s The Deal With This Macbook Selfie Stick

With better camera phones came the world changing, almost people-killing trend of the selfie. For those who have been under a rock for a while now, a selfie is a picture taken of oneself by oneself.


Due to the extent of the arms, selfies generally capture the face and upper body– it used to, until technology introduced what is called a selfie stick. Selfie sticks can capture more and are easy on the arms. Prior to selfie sticks the arms had to be stretched to compromising angles in order to achieve the perfect picture.

macbook selfie stick

The Selfie stick came under ridicule when introduced to the tech market. Some argued it was silly and went on about how it feeds this new vain culture– making it all about us and us alone.


So far the selfie sticks have been thriving, making people risk their lives in the name of taking take really amazing selfies. The stick doesn’t seem like it would be going away anytime soon because there’s a new model on the scene now; A Macbook Selfie stick.

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Yes, it’s a mechanical stick to which you can attach a laptop, specifically Apple’s Macbook.

macbook selfie stick

If people think selfie sticks are too ‘extra’, we wonder what they would think about a Macbook Selfie stick.

However, we can be grateful that this selfie stick isn’t up for sale. They are part of an art project by Art404, John Yuyi, and Tom Galle meant to portray society’s obsession with vanity.

The collection shows pictures of people taking selfies with the Macbook Selfie stick on the streets of New York. There are no captions attached to the images, so we are assuming the authors have left the interpretation up to us.

macbook selfie stickHere’s what I think about a Macbook Selfie stick– that billboard with a word on it (in the image above).

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