A passenger plane made an emergency landing in Mogadishu a week ago following an explosion which caused a hole in the plane’s fuselage. The explosion was later confirmed as a bomb. Transport Minister of Somalia, Ali Ahmed Jamac said,

“it was a bomb that exploded in the Dallo Airlines flight. It was meant to kill all aboard. “

A case was opened for investigation and it was speculated that the bomb was hid in a laptop. A passenger who’s suspected to be the bomber was sucked out of the hole leading to his death, while two others sustained injuries.

A new report circulating states that the suicide bomber was meant to board Turkish Airlines not Dallo Airlines. CEO of Dallo Airlines, Mohamed Yassin Olad reported that most of the flight passengers were scheduled to use the Turkish Airlines. The airline however, cancelled it’s flight due to strong winds leaving the 74 passengers to use the Dallo Airline.

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“That particular passenger (who was possibly behind the blast) boarded the aircraft on a Turkish Airlines boarding pass and was on the list for the Turkish Airlines manifest,’ Yassin said.

Also, sources claim that Turkish Airlines has not been in contact with Dallo Airlines, all in a bid to dissociate itself from the saga. The airline which flies to Somalia thrice a week suspended its activities since Tuesday.

Although Somalia is battling Islamic militants Al-Shabab, no terrorist group has laid claim to the attack. Speculations claim this is due to the fact that the attack did not have a big impact.

A number of suspects have been arrested and investigations are still ongoing.

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