The Strangest Display Of Unusual Animal Love In Pictures

Once in a while we come across unusual animal love and friendships we never thought was possible.

We find unlike species feeling totally comfortable with each other. Around the world this rare situation has been noticed. What is not clear however is if there’s any special reason why these animals act like enemies at one point and like buddies at other times as well.

The first thing that comes to mind with the pictures of these unusual animal relationship is love.

Love is an unspoken universal language that even animals understand.

Let’s take a look at some of these pictures and the story behind them:

1. Suryia & Roscoe 

Unusual Animal Love

Meet Suriya, the orangutan and Roscoe his best friend. Orangutans are one of the endangered animal species in the United States. Rosco used to be a stray dog until it came in contact with Suryia and followed him home. So far they’ve lived together and happily.

2. Anjana & Baby Tigers

Unusual Animal Love

The cubs were separated from their mother during a hurricane. The Chimpanzee adopted them and took up the responsibility of raising them.

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3. A leopard Cub Suckles On Lioness

Unusual Animal Love

On Tuesday, July 11, 2017, this image surged up all over the media. The picture was taken by a guest, at the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania. Joop van der Linde was lodged at Ndutu Safari Lodge.

Joop captured a 5-year old lioness as she suckled a few months old leopard. This act has been found to be rare.

4. Cat & Fox Love 

Unusual Animal Love

Pictures of these dissimilar animals were taken by a fisherman on lake Van in Turkey. Every thing about the picture screams affection.

5. Shere Khan, Baloo & Leo 

Unusual Animal Love

Circumstances brought these 3 animals together and made them inseparable companions. They were rescued from a drug dealer who abused them and was later sent to Noah’s ark animal sanctuary in the US.

6. Bea & Wilma

Unusual Animal Love

The giraffe is named Bea while the and ostrich is known as Wilma. Both are always found together at Busch Gardens in the US.

Unusual Animal Love

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7. Mani & Piglet

Unusual Animal Love

Mani the wild boar and Piglet the puppy are best buddies. Mani was found hungry and helped by a kind family. The Dahlhaus family and took him in. From there he got acquainted with the dog and now they are BFFs.

8. Bubbles & Bella 

Unusual Animal Love

Bubbles is an African elephant and his best friend is Bella the dog.

The elephant was moved to the US where he met Bella. Their closeness have beaten our imagination.

9. Bonedigger & Milo 

Unusual Animal Love

This is Bonedigger the lion and his friend Milo the dog. Who says animals lack compassion?

Milo takes total care of Bonedigger who suffers paralysis due to an illness.

10. Indian Langurs Massaging A Dog

Unusual Animal Love

French wildlife photographer Cyril Ruoso, was in India observing monkeys.

“I was following a gray langur troop and they came across a wild dog,”

Unusual Animal Love

“The monkeys and dogs interacted in a very friendly manner, and the langurs even started to groom the dog – it was very happy about that”

‘The dog decided to make itself more comfortable by resting on the floor and the monkeys continued to stroke it,”