Stray Lion Attacks Elderly Man in Nairobi

Some weeks ago, it was reported that some lions had escaped from the Nairobi national park and were roaming in Kenya. This had led to tight security being imposed, and although it was later reported that some of the stray lions had made their way back to the park, some still remained skeptical. Others however could not fathom how the lions could have escaped from the park which is supposed to be under maximum security.

Yet again, a lion recently escaped from the Nairobi National park. The stray lion was captured prowling on the roads of Nairobi, just some few minutes before it attacked an elderly man.

A wildlife official said the lion was flustered by people taking selfies with it and also the people who were incessantly honking their horns. The spokesman for the Kenyan Wildlife Service, Paul Udoto confirmed that the lion has been returned to the park, and the wounded man is currently in the hospital and responding well to the treatments being given.

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Escape of lions from the park poses a risk to Kenyans seeing as the park is only separated by a road from a neighborhood that is heavily populated, one of them being the Kibera slum.

Humans are not the only ones at risk when a lion escapes from the park, the lions are also vulnerable. A civilian’s first instinct on sight of a stray lion could either be to run or kill. The latter is easier for those who are armed.

However Wildlife Conservationist, Ali Kaka insists that none are the perfect options when confronted by a stray lion. The best options to him are:

  • Do not confront the animal
  • Do not make noise
  • Do not throw anything at the animal
  • Do not run
  • Do not panic as the animal may sense this and react

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