Tanzania Sets Free Education In Motion With A $62 Million Allocation

President of Tanzania John Magufuli says his administration has issued a free education allocation of $62 million to cover from January 2016 till June 2017.

The Tanzanian free education reality has been a long time coming, it all started when the President declared free education for children in Tanzania. To make his recent $62 million education allocation announcement more jaw-dropping, President Magufuli says that the allocation will be doubled. He also announced that about 1.3 million students have enrolled into primary schools since the enforcement of free education in Tanzania.

“We allocated Sh137 billion [ U.S. $ 62 million] for the provision of free education, but with these challenges, we are looking forward to doubling the amount,” –The Citizen

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With this golden gesture, be sure that illiteracy in Tanzania will soon be reduced in a drastic measure. Education is a necessity and the way forward for most African countries and in recent times many African leaders are gradually understanding that fact and making policies that will make it an affordable possibility for her citizens.

Still in the bid to eliminate factors that could hinder the progress of education in Tanzania, Magufulifi’s administration has also placed a ban on the tendency of charging extra fees (say about $100 per year) in state schools. Tanzania’s Ministry of Education thoughtfully considered that less privileged families may not be able to cope with it.

Magufuli, during his announcement acknowledged challenges such as insufficient classrooms and desks. With the high possibility of more enrollments, educational spaces and facilities will also be in high demand. While some government officials have made handsome donations to support the country’s free education policy, the President makes it clear that the administration’s doors are wide open for ‘voluntary‘ contributions.

“… we are facing free challenges in offering free education. But I can assure you that we are prepared to face them and we will make sure they are resolved for the betterment of our children’s future”- President Magufuli

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