Genius!!! The First African Made-In-Ghana Electric Car

And here it is, the Katanka, first ever made-in-Ghana electric car. Africa celebrates yet another break in the automobile sector. Of all the experimental samples that have been produced, this is the only sample powered by rechargeable batteries. This is one of the most polished and sophisticated of African automobile inventions.

The Kantaka cars have a signature star design on the grill. They do have other fuel-powered cars. But what is stunning about the electric car is the idea of effectively powering your car on twelve 12V rechargeable car batteries. The electric car version has fixed solar  panels which makes it possible for the car batteries to be charged while in motion.

It’s all about the cars really…  Africa’s automobile industry is undeniably growing faster than we expected. From all social stratum, there has been attempts in inventing cars. Not just for aesthetic/artistic or fun purposes but also for functional purposes as well. Entrepreneurs are seriously coming up with cars that could be seen on African roads. In the space of one year, the social media has celebrated quite a number of both amateur and advanced tech-entrepreneurs in the production of automobiles.

The electric car is a practical proof that the best is still to come in Africa. From the time of Gaddafi, automobile production was a point of interest to explore in Africa. From scrap metals to sophisticated car parts, Africa is definitely pulling weight in the automobile production sector.

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The cars are designed and made by the great Kosa automobile company. They have generally produced a number of Made in Ghana SUV’s, light trucks, a limo, helicopter, excavator and other tech-products.

Kojo Sarfo, the CEO of the auto-tech company, says most parts are handmade except the headlights, glass, stereo and tires. The factory is located at Gomoa Mpota with their headquarters in Kumasi. Altogether, the team has about 5 workers/engineers who assemble the parts together. Nyansaba Kwesi Kantanka, one of the electrical engineers says he is elated to be part of the team to produce the first electric car in Africa. Call it ingenuity at its peak.

As usual with most entrepreneurs, the company failed several times in their attempt to make this dream come true. Finally, their hard work and resilience paid off and today what was only alive in their imaginations have become a physical reality.

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While it’s not exactly new to make cars in Africa, the Kantanka car is the first of its kind in Africa with “no price tags and “no mass production”. The idea is to come up with a car that everybody particularly the middle class can afford.  This is similar to the intention of Nigerian Entrepreneur, Innoson, before launching the IVM motor brand. You know what  they say about the middle class, they are the bedrock of the society.

As making automobiles comes in handy for Africans at this present time, we hope that the economy will reap the fruits of this patriotic venture.


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