The Fold Up Ideal Conceal Gun That Looks Just Like A Phone

The occasion of scaring a young boy of about 7 years with a concealed gun at a restaurant led Kirk Kjellberg the CEO of a Minnesota based company to work on the Ideal Conceal (also the name of his company) gun, which is a .380-caliber pistol that folds up into a box shape. When folded up, it looks just like a phone and can therefore be carried around freely in public spaces without attracting unwanted attention.

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The Ideal Conceal website which touts the necessity of carrying a concealed gun in this day and age, has this to say about the new gun; “Smartphones are EVERYWHERE, so your new pistol will easily blend in with today’s environment. In its locked position it will be virtually undetectable because it hides in plain sight.”

The pistol which is not yet available for sale but has an increasingly favorable outlook for it’s production can only be fired when it is folded out and has the capacity to hold only two bullets. The maker who insists that the gun is not meant for any sinister purposes, represents it as not being “very powerful”. So in essence, if one seeks to hurt someone, they would require more firepower than is available with the Ideal Conceal gun.

Ideal Conceal Gun

Despite that assurance, the thought of a gun like this coming on the market should strike a few cautionary chords in us. The Ideal Conceal gun could very easily be brought in anywhere, including across state lines. It’s “mobile-like” shapeliness will enable it pass metal detectors and even security pat downs as it could easily be passed over for being a phone. If more conscientious security is however going to be applied on it’s behalf, that would involve inspecting the phone of everyone who comes through security, an activity that would as you can imagine greatly increase the time spent going through said security.

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