Nigerian automobile entrepreneur and founder of Innoson Group of Companies, ‘Innoson’ sealed a deal with the Nigeria Air Force (NAF) to supply spare parts for their functional jets used in the fight against Boko Haram terrorists in the North-east region of Nigeria.

Innocent Chukwuma, popularly called Innoson launched the first set of his brand new automobiles in 2013. He currently has his automobile company, Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing (IVM) Company Ltd based in his home town, Nnewi, Anambra state, in the South-eastern region of Nigeria. This Innoson-Air Force deal is a good way of demonstrating the need to promote economic activities which will boost the self-sufficiency rate of the nation and an encouraging way to de-emphasize the idea of constantly seeking external aids for internal problems.

The Nigerian entrepreneur who had earlier dealt on motor spare parts is now to produce spare parts for advanced aircrafts like the alpha jets which the force uses for battling insurgency in the country. The IVM, according to the Air Force Spokesman, is helping out with the modification and overhauling of the brake assembly of the MB-339 Alpha jet with regards to adoption.

“The significance of this collaborative effort is fundamental. It is a wonderful example and prompter on the need for us as a country to begin to look inwards for solutions to our problems, which we had foolishly depended on external sources to provide for us.” – Vanguard

It is also reported that this initiative was pioneered by current Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar. The air force adding to the list of state governments and parastatals such as the Federal Road Safety Commission Nigeria (FRCN) to request his expertise.

At a time when there is an increased need for national patronage, the partnership is a good example. One would have thought that given that the jets in question are needed for a serious terrorism business that the quality of a made-in-Nigeria automobile spare parts would be sub-standard but that is not the case. They went all out to employ his services, besides, his earlier inventions speak for themselves. Innoson is currently buckling up to launch more cars later in the year, at cheap and affordable prices basically for the low and middle class citizens in Nigeria.

At this rate, nothing stops other budding entrepreneurs and manufacturing companies to step up their game in the industry. A healthy manufacturing base of a nation serves as a strong economic-back bone; because no matter what happens the needs of the people are adequately produced and supplied within the country. With more industries, there is hope for employment and less dependence on external supplies.


When the auto-entrepreneur announced his plan to venture into the auto-market, it sounded like a myth till he surprised all and sundry with his ‘made-in-Nigeria’ trucks and buses. It is also worthy of mention as confirmed by Innoson himself that the raw materials used for the spare parts/automobile production are sourced from Nigeria(about 70%) and other countries. So what people thought was just an assembly plant is a full blown manufacturing company after all. PATRONAGE is the way forward in Nigeria.