The Unbelievable Evil Of Corrective Rape

There is still a lot you are unaware of; it seems that is the message that life hits us over the head with anytime we get smug and comfortable with our level of knowledge or activity.

A feature story on BBC documents the story of Motshidisi Pascalina, a South African who was killed in December when she went for a party and never returned home. Her body was discovered two days later, with her face disfigured beyond any recognition, the only way that her mother could identify her was by a tattoo she had previously inked on her leg and the suspected cause of her death? Corrective rape.

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Despite the fact that corrective rape may sound like news to some, it is a commonplace and prominent feature in some societies where its aim is to cure lesbian or gay people from their alleged abnormality. The perpetrators of these heinous act claim to be teaching the homosexuals a lesson by in fact proving to them that they are heterosexual.

Rape does not stop being rape because someone feels they have a personal vendetta or reason for doing it, but of course, before you tow down the line of that argument, you must question whether rape is really seen as a crime in our societies. The sad answer to that question in some parts would be a big NO, although we have made undeniable progress in Africa concerning rape, the number of rape victims remain high.

Corrective Rape Is A Disgrace To Our Societies

Corrective rape is a disgrace to any forward thinking individual, how do episodes of rape, which often lead up to gruesome murders help someone become suddenly heterosexual? The answer is that it does not. If anything, it takes away all choice from the person and works to increasing some negatives in our societies from incidences of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases to depression and suicide.

Corrective Rape

Cries must get louder on our need to come down hard on cases of rape, the amount of cases which go by without any consequence is disgraceful and before anyone feels a proper counter or defense for corrective rape is reasoning about preservation of culture and how homosexuality is neither our tradition nor normal, we may need to look within and determine if killing people is an African culture or is anyway normal. Let us stop corrective rape and any kind of rape for that matter.

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