Tips On How Best To Utilize The Last 10 Minutes Of Your Work Day

To live a successful life, every single detail matters and that includes what you do with the last 10 minutes of your work day. You first off have to be very respectful of your time and your space and that attitude is bound to spread to other people and before you know it, you have a group of people who are respectful of the things that you stand for and your achievements over time.

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So how does the last 10 minutes of your work day end normally? Do you find yourself staring at the clock counting the seconds till you can reasonably leave or do you suddenly become harried upon realizing the time and rush to finish everything at once? Those two situations are not very ideal, rather than continue to be caught up in either of those scenarios, we’ll share some other ways you could take back the last 10 minutes of your work day.


Stay Focused: Yes you are sure to be tired and not as sharp and excited as you were when you started out in the morning but try not to get distracted by non-work related activities as your day draws to an end.

Review What You Have Achieved: Channel that focus into reviewing how well you have worked through out the day. Note what you did not get around to doing and tasks that you successfully completed.

Determine Your Primary Goals For The Next Work Day: You’ve reviewed the work you have done that day, so now, what must you attack immediately on the next work day? Commit them to memory or better yet note them in your work journal (I hope you have one). You’ll find that the next work day will meet you revving to go.


Reflect On Your Day: No, this is not a repeat of the 2nd tip. In reviewing what you have achieved, you are considering work articles and projects and what you have left to do. Here you should be able to analyze when and why things went wrong, give yourself a framework to encourage growth.

Say Thank You To Someone For Something: Recognize someone for something they did right, say thank you, you will find that it will boost the total work morale over time and even work to boost your own happiness personally.


Organize Your Work-space: Put things in your work-space in order, if you do work on a computer; close tabs you do not need anymore, file documents for easier access when next you need them, this will increase your efficiency.

Say Your Goodbyes and Leave Smiling: Share a friendly goodnight with as many people as you can and exit your work premises smiling.

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