If all you picture whenever Africa is mentioned is a basket full of problems, then you are wrong. Perhaps you are too myopic to see what’s on the other side. It is true that the employment rate of most African nations is nothing to write home about; nevertheless, Africa is still a golden land of opportunities, all thanks to Agriculture.

As entrepreneurship grows in Africa, agriculture holds up a variety of business opportunities – planting, rearing, production, and processing of agricultural produce. There are quite a lot of things that can keep you pro-active and equally give you lots of good money. Despite the lie we’ve been sold that once you go to school and graduate you’ll automatically have, not just any job, but a well-paying ‘corporate’ job, reality has proved the opposite. But instead of wallowing in self-pity, you can be a solution to a problem.

Agriculture is one known life and economy-saving sector that is in vogue at the moment. Once, a Nigerian media personality, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, shared his joy when an elegant lady introduced herself as a farmer. With mechanization, agriculture has improved so much that there is nothing to be ashamed of about being in the sector, not that there ever should be a reason to be – it does not make you a modern “cave man,” rather it is a noble and vital source of livelihood.

So here they are: agriculture-based businesses that will keep you productively busy and earn you good money:


1. Vegetable Farming/Food Production

With the level of the health consciousness and the sudden realization of the importance of fruits and vegetables to the body, you can never go wrong with the cultivation and sales of fruits and vegetables. Except in the case of fruits which are seasonal, most green/leafy vegetables are available all year round. Who says you can’t run a grocery business or even become a large-scale supplier?

No matter how bad things get; no matter how shaky the economy becomes, people still have to eat and will in fact eat. There is almost no pause in the production and sales of food products. The much that can happen is scarcity but as a business you can save the day and make profits as well.

Moreover, with the proliferation of eateries – food production/sales will go a long way. Be it grains, tubers or legumes, as long as they are staple foods in your area, nothing stops you from getting this business started.

2. Animal Husbandry

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, animal husbandry is defined as the, “controlled cultivation, management, and production of domestic animals, including improvement of the qualities considered desirable by humans, by means of breeding. Animals are bred and raised for utility.”

Whatever the purpose for rearing domestic animals, food production takes the lead. Many domestic animals in Africa are reared for human consumption. Animal husbandry can take as many forms as possible, depending on the kind of animal being reared, the location of the farm and many other variable conditions to consider.

i. Poultry Business:

This simply means chicken rearing and egg business. The chicken and eggs are preserved and sold.

ii. Piggery Business:

This does not go handy in every environment but if it favors you, get equipped with what you need to commence the business of rearing of pigs.

iii. Meat Production & Supply:

We cannot say it enough, African tradition values food and meat a lot. So, depending on your choice of domestic animal, it will not be a bad idea to run a meat shop. Of course, so much automation have gone into the commonest of businesses, infusing it into meat production and supply will boost the outlook of the agro-business.

3. Fish Farming/Supply


Even China is interested in African fishes. Fish farming is one of the agro-businesses solicited by former United Nations (UN) secretary in the quest to better the African economy. Successful fish farming guarantees the availability of fish in the market and by extension can be supplied in bulk to food-related firms/businesses and countries within and outside Africa

4. Fumigation Business:

Whether mechanized, large-scale or subsistence, farming needs maintenance and fumigation is an essential part of it. The crops can only do well in a healthy non-infected condition – so just as we fumigate our homes, the farms also require fumigation to keep harmful rodents, insects and pests from making a mess of the farmer’s hard work. You could be the fumigation guru or a supplier of the needed chemicals.

5. Fertilizer Production

Fertilizers help improve the soil condition and favors the degree of a good cultivation. By individual discretion, you can choose the production of eco-friendly fertilizers or the industrialized ones.

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6. Flour Mills

Every home and culinary outfit makes a generous use of flours – corn flour, rice flour, cassava flour, among a host of others. Setting up a flour mill will make the production of these flours possible.

7. Feed Production

This goes side by side with poultry and other animal rearing-businesses. You can be a manufacturer or supplier of the feed for the farm animals.

8. Rental Business


Agricultural machines like tractors are expensive to afford. You can make your profits and bridge the gap by starting a rental business that leases/hires agricultural equipment.

9. Agro-Education/Training

There is an evident stress on skill acquisition, so you could train someone who is willing to learn; be a consultant; design websites for the training and can equally help farm owners publicize their products – all for a handsome fee.

10. Fruit Drink Production:

Did I forget to mention that you can join the growing number of home-grown fruit drink producers in Africa? With a hygienically produced and packaged fruit drink, you are good to go!