Is The Trump Marriage In Trouble

Just like anything related to incumbent United states President Donald Trump, the Trump marriage has been the source of a lot of speculation since Trump began gunning for the US Presidency.

When America still had the Obama’s there was a lot of comparisons made of the two couples that came to a head on the day of Trump’s inauguration. A picture had shown the Obama’s all smiles looking like a couple truly in love while the Trump’s looked stressed and not as comfortable together.

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There was also the meme-worthy moment when Melania Trump’s wide smile faded away as her husband turned away from her. That particular expression captured on camera led to the “Free Melania” campaign.

Around the globe, there were speculations that Melania was being forced into a role she did not want and that she was not especially fond of President Trump either.

Trump marriage

The first lady had, however, stayed above all the speculations about her marriage but on Tuesday it appeared that she made a terrible slip. Melania Trump “liked” a tweet which speculated negatively about the Trump marriage.

Left-wing blogger Andy Ostoy sent out this tweet;

“Seems the only wall @realdonaldtrump’s built is the one between him at @flotus”

Then after a while, he tweeted an image showing Melania Trump’s account liking the tweet. The account whick liked Andy Ostoy’s tweet is verifiably Melania Trump’s account, although she has not used since 8 November last year, when she urged voters to back her husband’s presidential aspirations.

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These days, she tweets from the “@FLOTUS” account, belonging to the position of the First Lady. The like was more glaring based on this and the fact that it was only the second tweet Melania Trump has ever liked.

A lot of excuses have been made for the slip up including the suggestion that the wife of the Twitter President is in fact a novice at Twitter or that she could have been hacked.

Trump marriage

For now, the real answer remains a mystery and the White House has refrained from commenting on the “like.” Whatever the reason, however, speculations about the Trump marriage have risen but the couple can take comfort in the fact they are not the first famous couple to be put under such scrutiny.