Trump’s Orders: Africans Deported Enmasse From The United States

In line with Trump’s immigration ban on immigrants from 7 Muslim countries, over 90 Africans have been deported from the United States. They were 90 deported Somalians and 2 deported Kenyans.

The Kenyans were first dropped off at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi, while the Somalians in the company of security officers were transported to Mogadishu.

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According to Somalia’s ambassador to the United States, Ahmed Isse Awad, the deportees wrote to the Somali Embassy requesting to be sent home. He says the deportees had been in detention for either criminal issues or failed immigration processes.

“Most of them are people whose asylum cases [were] denied through [the] legal immigration process, and others broke the U.S. law and had received final orders for removal from courts in the United States,”

“Some of them were happy and smiling, but most of them were very sad,” 

“A few of them had bags with their belongings.”

The 90 deported Somalians comprise of 86 men and four women. The ambassador recognised the fact the “U.S. has its legal right to decide who is staying in its country and who is not, our role as the Somali Embassy was to know that they are willing to go back.”

Last year, over 100 Ghanaians were deported from the United States over alleged drug crimes and immigration problems.

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Somalia holds the second highest number of immigrants in the United States.

Granting asylum to Somalians over the years made it possible for Ilhan Omar, to become Minnesota’s first ever Somalian-born Lawmaker.

While the executive order to deny visas to immigrants from Syria, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Sudan, and Libya, may be legally disputed for a range of reasons, analysts suspect that the ban may exist on a temporal basis.

According to Trump, tightening up the borders is a top priority as far as national security is concerned. He says all immigrants must pass through an “extreme vetting”; while those with criminal records stand a zero chance of remaining in the United States.