Tunisia’s Hockey Team Wins First African Ice Hockey Championship

On Saturday, Tunisia’s hockey team won the first African Ice Hockey Championship, beating Egypt, Algeria, and Morocco.

Tunisia’s Carthage Eagles were able to secure their first African Ice Hockey championship win by defeating the Moroccan team in their home city, Rabat, Morocco. This makes them the first Ice Hockey champions of Africa.

Being the first African Ice Hockey champions was not the only great feat the Carthage Eagles achieved. They were completely remarkable all through the tournament that they remained unbeaten from start to finish.

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In their first match against Egypt, they thrashed the Egyptians 19-0, their next game was against the Algerian Corsaires whom they beat 11-6. In their final game against Morocco Mallers, they won by 11-8.

As Ice Hockey is not as common in Africa like major sports like soccer, the Tunisian Ice Hockey coach had to do embark on an intense search for Hockey players.

The team which comprised mostly of diasporan Tunisian hockey players were created after tedious rounds of searching for hockey players online who are of Tunisian origin.

Coach Ayed allegedly spent nine years going on Facebook looking for players of the sport who had Tunisian surnames. As funny as that may sound, it was worth it in the end for Ayed.

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Prior to the tournament, Algeria had only two small ice hockey rinks which were not big enough to use in preparation for the games. The only time they practiced was when they came together for a game, the Middle East Eye reported.

However, following their win, the Tunisian government is considering setting up a federation which will eventually lead to the creation of a professional Ice Hockey rink in Tunisia.