The Tutus Withdraw Criminal Charges Against Grand Daughter Ziyanda Tutu

The 83-year-old retired archbishop Desmond Tutu and his wife Leah in May of last year had filed criminal charges against their granddaughter, Ziyanda Tutu. The couple had issued a statement as at the time in question regarding the matter, part of which read:

“We confirm that a criminal charge has been laid and that police are conducting an investigation.”

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Ziyanda Palesa Tutu who’d been 30 at the time then tweeted that she would hand herself in, a promise which she failed to keep. The Tutu’s had allegedly been having problems with their granddaughter at the time, with her unruly behavior finally culminating in a discussion that saw her smashing crockery in their home.

The criminal charges which were for “malicious damage to property” were also confirmed for an on going investigation by the police in Cape Town as they said according to the Associated Press News Agency;

“This office can confirm that a malicious damage to property case was opened for investigation by the complainant against her granddaughter”.

During the period, a statement from the Nobel peace laureate’s foundation had said that the family wanted to quickly put the incident behind them.


The beloved archbishop was born in 1931 but become a prominent apartheid critic in the 1970s, a lead up to his being awarded the Nobel Peace prize in 1984, after which he became the first black archbishop of Cape Town and received an appointment for head of Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

He may just have had his prayers answered. At a hearing today in Cape Town, Ziyanda Tutu’s lawyer told the court that “the case had been settled amicably after a mediation process and the Archbishop and his wife Leah have dropped the charges,” Eye Witness News reports.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has once again led by example in the resolving of this family dispute, it is no wonder through all this years that he is still very much beloved in South Africa.

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