Ugandan Opposition Leader Kizza Besigye In Maximum Security Prison — Faces Possible Death Penalty

Uganda’s primary opposition leader has been deferred to a maximum security prison in Kampala, Uganda’s capital.

Kizza Besigye was charged with treason for orchestrating a protest against the re-election of long time president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni. He appeared briefly in a court before being driven under heavy guard to a maximum security prison close to Lake Victoria.

Besigye was flown to Moroto following his arrest on 12th May, the day which he swore himself in as the Ugandan people’s presidential choice.

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kizza besigye charged with treason for electing himself in

Besigye faces a possible death sentence which is the maximum punishment for acts of Treason. He will however appear in court again on June 1.

The result of Uganda’s election claims Museveni won by 60% of the votes, Kizza Besigye coming in second with 35% while other opposition candidates shared the remaining 5%.

However, the Forum for Democratic Change and Dr Kizza Besigye would not agree with Museveni’s inflated score as he claims that the original poll saw him (Besigye) winning with 52%.

besigye arrested and taken to maximum security prison

The Ugandan election was marred by violence, discrepancies and even media ban. International election observers and opposition parties alike would not accept the Ugandan elections especially with the countless arrests of Dr. Besigye.

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Kizza Besigye and Yoweri Museveni have not always been at logger heads. In the year Museveni came into power, Besigye was his doctor. However things have changed in the 30 years Museveni has been in power including the president himself who once published a book stating that the problem with Africa lies with leaders clinging to power.