Ugandan Parliament Advocates For More Women In Cabinet – Kadaga

Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, is calling for the appointment of more women in senior Cabinet positions.

The speaker said this at a National dialogue organised by the Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE), a women’s rights organisation. She said that the presence of more women in the cabinet will help form and influence government policies.

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She particularly will not mind having a woman in the position of the nation’s prime minister.

“We want to see that some women are appointed prime ministers or even deputy prime minister to be able to chair Cabinet meeting and decide on what to come on the agenda, so that our issues are taken forward.”

The Speaker’s call for more women happens to coincide with the recent development in the current Ugandan administration. In the past week, President Museveni reshuffled his Cabinet. He appointed a total number of 28 women into top government positions. Uganda currently has 11 female ministers and 17 state ministers who are women.

We can say that the speaker, president Museveni and some other government figures share the same vision of seeing more women in leading government positions.

Still at the meeting of the speaker and the women right’s group, David Batema, a high court judge, likewise encouraged the idea. He went as far as hinting on ways by which women can sustain and progress their stay in government.

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“Women must try or keep trying to develop clear political agendas that take on the broad issues of democracy, governance and their gender nature in a more consistent manner.” – Justice Batema

The past Ugandan parliamentary elections in February witnessed the increase of women in parliamentary positions by 2%. This brings the number to 137.

On that note, the Speaker congratulated Ms Winnie Kiiza, who made it as the country’s first female Leader of the Opposition in Ugandan Parliament.