UN Warns That About 75,000 Nigerian Children Could Die Of Hunger In The North-east

Adding to previous warnings of the United Nations, the agency warns again that about 75000 children in Borno face the risk of death from lack of food.

Courtesy of Boko Haram, there are millions of displaced persons in Nigeria with thousands dead since their attack on the nation since 2009.

The UN foresees that in few months time there will be a disastrous hunger strike for the children in the war-torn zone.

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In July, United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund – UNICEF – confirmed the impending death risk of over 49, 000 Children in Borno State, Nigeria. Statistics estimated that a total of 244,000 children in Borno State suffer severe malnutrition. It said 1 in 5 of Borno State children will die of malnutrition if nothing is done.

“Some 134 children on average will die every day from causes linked to acute malnutrition if the response is not scaled up quickly.”

75000 children

Unfortunately the impending death rate has now gone up to 75000 children.

According to the UN humanitarian coordinator, Peter Lundberg, an overall of 14 million people in the north-east are in need of humanitarian assistance.

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He sadly warned that the UN may not avert the looming food crisis because they had no funds to address the situation.

“Currently our assessment is that 14 million people are identified as in need of humanitarian assistance.”

Out of the 14 million, there are about 400, 000 children; from which 75000 children “are going to die in the few months ahead of us… if we don’t do something rapidly and seriously”.

As a direct recipient of the social damage of Boko Haram, the children are suffering a great deal of malnutrition and starvation.

Yet un-tackled issues like poor sanitation and shortage of food and water are threatening the lives and welfare of Borno State children.