US Female Soccer Team Now Plays With ‘Equal Pay’ Jerseys

Equal pay, equal pay, equal pay. That is the cry of most women concerned with gender equality today and the US female soccer team has picked up the cry, begun running with it and will hopefully net a goal for women the world over.

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The US female soccer team is amplifying the message for equal pay with a new tactic: press conference t-shirts with the slogan “Equal Play Equal Pay” and temporary tattoos with the same words that can be worn on the field.

US female soccer team

Over the past couple of years, the team has actually become one of the loudest voices and staunchest supporters of equal pay for women, a cause that has reverberated throughout the US and around the world.

Considering the team won the 2014 FIFA World Cup, only to earn 17 times less than the German male team who came first in their own competition and four times less than their US male team who came in 11th place in the competition, it is not much of a wonder why they have become so vocal.

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Away from the international stage, the pay gap is even wider. For instance, women in the National Women’s Soccer League earn 98.6 percent less than men in Major League Soccer.

Recently, the US female team faced setbacks in more official quarters — the courtroom and the negotiating table — and so they’re hoping to revive the cause as the Olympics approach in Rio.

The jerseys and tattoos make for a pretty unavoidable statement of their cause. Coupled with the players determination to employ their considerable social media followings to blast the message ever further, no one should be surprised if more vocal demands for equal pay for women exist down the line.

US female soccer team

The world over, women are paid less than men and while some industries and countries are working had to close the gap, some others have remained immovable. The US female soccer team has enormous reach and by universalizing their cause with a simple hashtag, they will be able to fight for women everywhere.