United States Vows To Assist Nigeria Narrow Down Money Laundering – Entwistle

According to the affirmation of the United States  Ambassador to Nigeria, James Entwistle, United States will assist Nigeria in its anti-corruption fight.

James Entwistle said the country will no longer accommodate money laundering in their banks. He says that the United States will block Nigerian public funds that are laundered in U.S banking systems.

Th U.S ambassador made this known at the 240th U.S. Independence Anniversary celebration cocktail party in Abuja. He also promised technical assistance and training of personnel to ensure that money laundering as it concerns Nigeria is longer an issue.

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“As you fight corruption, we offer technical assistance, training for investigators and prosecutors, and a commitment to ensure that no stolen funds are laundered through our banking system.”– James Entwistle.

Going  further on, he also commended the Nigerian government in their efforts to expand and improve the economy. On that note he advised the Nigerian government to embrace foreign investments.

James Entwistle particularly indicated that the United States has interest to partner in the power sphere. They want to help and invest in Nigeria’s electricity. Under the Power Africa Initiative, James Entwistle is hopeful of attracting top investors into the electric sector.

“As you continue privatization of the power grid, through President Obama’s Power Africa initiative, we stand ready to help companies invest in building more electricity infrastructure, especially environmentally-friendly power generation.

As you increase your commitment to healthcare and education, we will support those efforts too.”

Generally speaking, the diplomat on behalf of the United States pledged an all round support in the several ways that could salvage Nigeria from taking a downward trend.

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He assured Nigerians of the US support to re-introduce Nigerians to “freedom from fear, freedom from want, freedom from sickness, and freedom from corruption.

“As you fight Boko Haram and secure and rebuild the Northeast, and as you strive for harmony in the Niger Delta and across the land, we will continue to help in every appropriate way.”