Usain Bolt Demands His Ad Campaigns Be Done In Jamaica To Create More Jobs

Usain Bolt the Jamaican sprinter is regarded as the fastest man ever timed.

He is showing his willingness to give back to his people with an insistence that all his ad shoots and campaigns be done in Jamaica.

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This will mean that any international company that is considering shooting Usain Bolt for an ad campaign will have to consider scouting for location and hands in Jamaica. This will be a boost to both the tourism and media sector of the country.

Bolt stated;

“When we started out people always wanted to do the shoots in Miami, Los Angeles and all over the world, they used to say, ‘Oh, thanks for bringing the shoots here'”

“We decided that you know what, we will be doing a lot more shoots. So any contract we sign, the shoot has to be in Jamaica. So we can give people jobs and help people. Over the weekends, we’ll have like over one hundred, two hundred people [working] depending on how big the shoot is.”

Usain Bolt

“It [must be] in the contract that they’ll do the shoots here unless they don’t have the equipment. But as long as they have the equipment, it has to be [done] here, so I can help the economy. I’ve helped a lot of people, and they always thank me. They would say, ‘Big up Usain, you really helped us, bringing the jobs here.'”

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Following that stipulation, Virgin media has released a great ad featuring Usain Bolt that has a lot of Jamaican culture and life depicted.

The promise of job creation for Jamaicans is easily seen from the ad. It also puts on display aspects of Jamaican culture and locations that foreigners may now want to experience for themselves.

Usain Bolt

The ad should also get any true Usain Bolt fan pumped for Bolt’s performance in Rio. Bolt made the Jamaican athletics team for the Olympic Games despite missing qualifications due to injury.

He will be shooting for his third straight gold medal in each of the 100-meter, 200-meter, and 4×100-meter-relay events.