See What This 48-Year-Old Man Uses To BodyBuild. Hint: He Does Not Gym

There’s a real-life Hulk in Brazil. In fact, that is one of the nicknames of body builder Valdir Segato.

Segato is a construction worker from Sao Paulo, Brazil who had ambitions to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. But unlike bodybuilding the natural way, he sought to inject oils into his body.

When Valdir was younger he meddled in drugs which caused him to lose a lot of weight. His weight loss was so profound that many called him ‘skinny dog’. He decided to change things by building his body.

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“There was a time in my life when I got involved with wrong things I decided to change my life.”

At first, he did what any aspiring bodybuilder would do, he joined a gym. However, someone at the gym mentioned the benefits of injecting oneself with Synthol. The person advised that he could get more benefits from Synthol than with lifting weights.

From then onwards, he began injecting his chest, biceps and shoulders. He has been injecting himself for 5 years and has gained 55 pounds through this bizarre process.

Valdir Segato: The Man Who Injects Synthol For Larger Biceps

It has earned him a couple of nicknames such as the “He-Man”, “The Hulk” and even “The monster”.

Although health practitioners have warned on the dangers of Segato’s method of bodybuilding, the 48-year-old is undisturbed as he gets satisfaction from his popularity. According to him, it’s a dream come true.

He has goals to get them bigger than they currently are, precisely 4 inches more. He also expects this to make him even more famous for his muscles.

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Although it gives the illusion of a bigger body, the Synthol doesn’t give him added strength like a bodybuilder his size would have. According to health practitioners, it is mostly cosmetic and has dire health consequences. However, Valdir does not see it as a minus, in fact, he says, “I don’t regret it. I look in the mirror and like what I see.”