Virgin Mary

Catholics in the Republic of Congo are making their ways back to church over what seems to be a divine warning. According to a Catholic media agency, people attested to the authenticity of the apparition of the Virgin Mary.

Catholics were said to have identified the popular posture of the Virgin Mary with her arms wide open in the border Zongo town. Zongo town has a large population of Catholics.

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Report says that a local butcher identified as Paul Sibere was the first to see the apparition which occurred in the bulb of a streetlight. The apparition, which took place last month, dragged thousands of natives to the spot to see for themselves.

As usual, some people believed what they saw without a doubt, some others are skeptical about the incident. The arguments rising up for the unbelievers is that “no similar shape has ever been seen in the streetlights.”


On the other hand, the believers are certain that the posture of the image they saw was typical to popular Virgin Mary’s statues.

Report says that the Virgin Mary apparition has no color to it but there is still a striking difference between the bulb of a streetlight and the normal bulbs they come across.

After witnessing the Virgin Mary apparition, Paul Sibere said he was moved to return to church. Another woman who witnessed the apparition is convinced it was real.

“This is to tell us God is not happy with us. If you look at what we do these days, my son you will be sad. The stealing, the robbery, killing and others… this is a message from God that we must repent of our sins.”– Mary Bayong, Zongo Local.

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Catholics in the area gather at the spot of the apparition to sing and pray every night. It is worthy to mention that the Catholic church has not examined the apparition. Neither have they issued an official statement on it.

So till there is a confirmation, many are yet to be convinced that there is more to what they are seeing.

It may be that what many people are seeing is merely the “product of a misshapen filament or bulb. Yet, it could be something more.”