The Wall-Less Hotel of the Swiss Alps

There are so many bizarre concepts out in the world. We’ve seen buildings shaped unconventionally and now we have come across a wall-less hotel located in the Swiss Alps.

“Why would anyone decide to build a wall-less hotel in a mountainous area which is prone to hazards”, you may ask. Well, your questions should be directed at the owners of Null Stern.

Luxury hotel Null Stern which means ‘Zero Stars’ — as in ‘Zero Star hotel’ is called so because according to the hotel’s slogan, “the only star is you”.

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The Null Stern opened in 2008 in a former nuclear bunker in the Graubünden mountains which measure 6,460 feet above sea level.

The concept behind the wall-less hotel room is to create a unique experience for people visiting the Swiss Alps. The room as mentioned before has no walls, no bathroom, and no roof. There is only a large bed, two nightstands, lamps, with a restroom being 5 minutes away from the room.

However, like all hotel rooms, guests of the Null Stern are entitled to room service. A butler who lives in a cabin close to the guests performs a number of services including making the guest’s food.

In a case of bad weather, guests are also entitled to cancel their reservation last minute.

The Wall-Less Hotel of the Swiss Alps

The room has received somewhat negative reviews from online users who can’t imagine anything but possible disasters such as attacks from bears, or bugs or bad weather ruining the ‘stargazing in the Swiss Alps’ concept.

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Regardless the Null Stern which costs about $210 a night is currently full booked and guests planning to make use of this one-of-a-kind hotel will have to be put on a waiting list for next season. That should say a lot about the quality of the hotel.