Tanzania’s War On Drugs — No Politician Or Big Wig To Be Spared

On Monday President Magufuli of Tanzania ordered Tanzania’s security officers to begin a war on drugs.

The President urged the security officers to also be fair in the war on drugs, saying that not even politicians or their relatives should be spared from the crack-down.

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“Nobody should be spared in this war against illicit drugs; no matter how famous or what status that person has in the society.

“Be it a politician, minister, a police officer, a son or daughter of a big wig, the law should follow its course,” Magufuli told the heads of the defence and security forces during his speech at the Presidential house.

The president added that even if his wife is involved, she should be arrested, driving home the point that nobody is above this law.

Since his assumption of the office of the presidency in 2015, Magufuli who has been aptly named the bulldozer has launched a campaign against corruption, tax evasion, as well as poaching.

Magufuli brought a fresh slate to Tanzania where many have long complained that the government usually turns a blind eye to top officials when they are in breach of the law, unlike everyday civilians.

In fact, this is the case in most African countries. So far, Magufuli has sacked top tier officials in the country for not carrying out their duties as they should.

Although the bulk of hard drugs go through Asia and the Balkans, Kenya and Tanzania have become a target due to their weak border security.

Magufuli’s anti-drug campaign is targeted more at the financiers and dealers of drugs.

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President Magufuli commended the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Ernest Mangu, who despite the pressure, suspended some police officers who have been accused by Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner (RC) Paul Makonda of cooperating with drug dealers.

“I usually get very upset when law enforcement agencies are accused for wrongdoing but I am happy that you took actions. The war on drugs is tough but we must fight it,” Magufuli said.