‘Western Democracy’ should Not Be Forced Down Africa’s Throat- Pope Francis

2 days ago, Pope Francis joined his voice once again in speaking up against the trending western cultural imperialism. 

The papal pontiff stresses the insensitivity of disregarding and invading on the existing political cultures of the people. He accuses and condemns the western ploy to export their own brand of democracy to Africa and the middle east.

We cannot advance without taking these cultures into account.”

From his point of view forcing the democratic pattern of the west to these culturally diverse and different regions is nothing short of what can be called the western cultural imperialism.

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“A people enters with an idea that has nothing, nothing to do with the nation. … And they colonize the people with an idea that changes, or wants to change, a mentality or a structure… They use the need of a people to take an opportunity to enter and grow strong”– Pope Francis (2015 Press Interview)

As a personal witness to the trend, the Holy Father points out the inherent evil in doing favors for African countries in need with glaring strings attached. They render their supposed help in exchange for something else all in the guise of democratic ideology.

It is not farce that the western powers have tried to ‘aid‘ some third world nations only in exchange for the propagation of such ideologies as the pro-abortion policies; homosexuality and transgender policies. They start off as an NGO and before you know it they are cracking down age old cultural policies.

It is situations like these that have sparked off religious extremism in various parts of the world.

Faced with current Islamist terrorism, we should question the way a model of democracy that was too Western was exported to countries where there was a strong power, as in Iraq, or Libya, where there was a tribal structure.”-  Pope Francis

No one said the western form of democracy must be a global trend. In forcing down foreign cultures down the throat of people at a seemingly vulnerable time, what makes the west any different from Islamic chauvinists who are extremely and violently going about their ‘earthly mandate’?

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Francis candidly criticizes the trending western cultural imperialism. Sadly, he recounts the sentiments of a Libyan national,

“‘We used to have one Gaddafi, now we have 50 of them!”

Finally the Pope urged Europe to treat migrants much better than they are doing. He laid emphasis on the need for integration at the moment. Setting an example for European leaders, pope Francis took home to Rome, 12 Syrian refugees, all Muslims, after his visit to Lesbos, Turkey.