What’s The Deal With Luxury Phones?

For most people, a mobile phone is a simple matter of functionality, a simple question of; which of my daily tasks will this phone help me achieve? Or maybe alternatively, how many of my hobbies will this phone furnish? As such, there’s an impressive number of phones made to fit any number of preferences and budget constraints. But the phones that are the focus of this article, do not fit into this ‘normal’ considerations, they are a step, make that a lot of steps ahead of the game and are almost seemingly uncaring about mobile phone functions. The phones we refer to are called luxury phones and they are marketed based on craftsmanship, style and service.

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A lot of people will not understand the lure of luxury phones, they are after all not made for a lot of people. Made for the rich and famous, the I don’t know what else to do with my money’s, the I need one more way to prove I’m richer than you, a luxury phone is more of a statement than anything else. Below we’ll consider three of such phones;

The Savelli Jardin Secret 

This phone is worth $118,000 and with its ostrich, iguana and alligator leather encompassed cases made of 18k gold and ceramic alloys, is it really any wonder. The display is a sapphire crystal that has been strengthened to the point of indestructibility. It’s a collection for women hence its almond shaped body and its m  uses eleven different Android models upon which to design its collection of phones for women. Ostrich, iguana and alligator leather encompass the cases, which are made of 18k gold and ceramic alloys. As one would expect, the display is a sapphire crystal that has been strengthened to the point of indestructibility. What makes the phone attractive to women is the almond-shaped body, which is aesthetically rounded. The most exclusive model arrives bejeweled with 75 baguette-cut diamonds.


Diamond Crypto Smartphone 

This phone is worth an amazing $1.3 million and has been described as a phone for the wealthy and the paranoid. Laden with expensive metal and precious stones, it sports a powerful encryption tech that justifies its development as a phone meant to “provide secure protection of information”. Its made of solid platinum, the logo and navigation are 18 carat rose gold with 28 cut diamonds surrounding its navigation key. It also has 25.5 princess cut diamonds decorating its sides and 8 more beautiful diamonds attached to the device.


Diamond Rose IPhone 4 32GB

Of course an iPhone would join the party, at a whooping $8 million, launched by the Stuart Hughes company, the sides of this phone have been studded with 500 alluring diamonds. Its rear is made using rose gold and what else for the apple logo except 53 diamonds. Its center navigation button is made up of a single cut 7.4k pink diamond and not surprisingly, upon purchase, the phone is delivered inside a solid granite box.


So what is the deal? If you had a cool $40 million dollars lying around, would you invest in one of these babies along with the cool cars and crazy houses. Do luxury phones present any sort of attraction to you? Maybe we should get one for Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe, it could be a pleasant surprise paired with his million dollar party in the drought eaten economy.

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