In Five Years There Will Be No White South Africans In The Country

According to a prediction by a  politician in South Africa, white South Africans will be gone from the country in 5 years.

White South Africans are continuously leaving for better options in western countries. White people leaving south Africa are estimated at 24,000 while blacks and Asians coming into South Africa are estimated at 300,000.

Between 2011 and June 2015, about 95,158 whites left South Africa while 1,067,937 blacks from Africa and 40,929 Asians moved to south Africa.

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According to Front National leader Hannes Engelbrecht, if these immigration and emigration statistics are taken into consideration, there will be no whites in South Africa in 5 years.

hannes engelbrecht front national

According to Engelbrecht, the solution to curbing the extinction of the white race in south Africa is for them to realize self-determination.

The Front National party was created in 2013 to take over reins from the Federale Vryheids party. The Front National pushes for the self-determination and secession of Afrikaans from South Africa.

Engelbert notes that the white South Africans who are leaving the country are sadly the skilled, educated and experienced.

“This bodes ill for South Africa as a whole. It is fast turning into a typical Third World African country that will never be able to return to normality with such an influx of foreigners and exit of skilled people.”

He adds that white South Africans are maltreated and discriminated by the current South African government.

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“To make matters worse’, said Engelbrecht; “the remainder of whites are subjected to more racially discriminatory laws than during Apartheid. Affirmative action, BEE, and quotas are playing havoc with the whites’ so-called equal rights.

“I honestly believe we only have five years left. If white South Africans don’t put their money and votes into the ideal of self-determination now, the sell-out of 1994 will be complete.”