Ever Wondered Why Man Invented Trousers? Neither Have We, But Here Is Your Answer Anyway

In heavily religious or even traditional circles, donning of trousers by women can cause a lot of arguments centering around its appropriateness as an article of clothing for women.

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The truth remains however that there was a time when trousers did not even exist to be argued about and although we have an idea of how trousers made their way to Africa, and thereafter, intermittently featured in arguments about how we are so westernized, most people have never really asked why man invented trousers anyway.

There was a time when mankind as a whole, both men and women were happy enough to drape themselves in tunics, robes, and gowns and then trousers came into being and were widely embraced. What prompted the change? How did trousers become so popular?

An archaeological discovery from a few years back gives us a needed clue to answer that question. Archaeologists Ulrike Beck and Mayke Wagner of the German Archaeological Institute in Berlin excavated two ancient graves in a cemetery in Xinjiang, China and, among the remains, discovered two pairs of well-preserved woolen pants.

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Further investigation through carbon dating put the age of the remains between 3000 and 3300 years old and that made them the oldest-known pair of trousers ever discovered.

The time period also corresponded with the rise of “mobile pastoralism” in Central Asia, which simply means that nomads started moving their herds across the land, and they did so on horseback.

Tunics and robes were of course not especially comfortable for this task that often involved long, bumpy rides—and battles—so these ancient people innovated and made trousers.

These days although we are no longer herding cattle on horse back, trousers have stayed on. They are donned by both men and women in cities for both work and play.

So there you have it – why man invented trousers. Just another bit of information you can randomly chip into conversations and sound witty and well read or at the very least, make everyone around you wonder what you are talking about.