This Is The Winner Of Lithuania’s Goat Beauty Pageant

She’s the prettiest, the fairest goat of them all, wearing the most beautiful wreath of flowers on her head, she’s the winner of the goat beauty pageant in Lithuania.

16 year-old ruminant, Demyte was the envy of all goats who were at the goat beauty pageant in Remygala, Lithuania. Demyte’s win grants her jars of honey, cakes, a tiara and the best of all, a coupon for a free hair cut.

If there’s one adjective used in describing goats, it’s ‘stubborn’– “as  stubborn as a goat”. So, what made Demyte the prettiest goat, or what even makes a goat pretty?

Demyte’s owner, Ferdinandas Petkevicius is a 76-year-old retired veterinarian who had tried out at the competition for 6 years. She talks about having prepared Demyte for the pageant.

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“The only thing we didn’t do to prepare the goat for the pageant is we didn’t polish its nails – because we thought of it too late,” she said to Reuters.

Six goats who donned bright colored tops, as well as flowers and ribbons were paraded in front of judges who decided on the winner. There were other goats as well who would not [goat walk?] down the red carpet and had to be carried by their owners.

The judges reportedly included the head of the local school, a cucumber farmer and a local MP.

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The Lithuania goat beauty pageant is an annual event. It had a band procession, as well as a ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ who presided over the event. The pageant also had a member of parliament in attendance.

Watch the video below: