Woman Found Alive 6 Days After Kenya Building Collapse

A woman has been rescued alive from the rubble of the Kenyan building which collapsed when the rains got the best of Nairobi this past weekend.

The woman was located this morning and pulled out some hours later. Pius Masai of Kenya’s National Disaster Operation Centre said the woman was conscious and talking when she was found.

Since the Kenyan building collapsed, officials have claimed a death toll of 36, while 70 people are believed to be missing.

“I told you the day we got nine rabbits alive from this place I was sure we will get more people alive,” Masai said as the woman was driven away in an ambulance.

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“I am glad we got her out safely and that is our determination, to pull out as many people as possible who are still trapped under the rubble,” he said to AFP.

A six-month old baby was rescued from the building on Monday, three days after the building collapsed. Although the child’s mother was confirmed to be dead on Wednesday, the father of the baby girl had called the rescue a ‘miracle’.

Findings like these are leaving Kenyans to speculate that a lot more people are trapped beneath the ruins. The Kenyan military who are spearheading the search to clear out the building have prolonged the deadline for the clearance to this weekend.

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The incident caused the president, Uhuru Kenyatta to order all residential buildings in the area be checked and the arrest of the owners of the residential building. The owners were jailed and released on bail set at $10,000 ($5,000 each), having pleaded not guilty in court. Investigators are however preparing for a prosecution.