World Powers Agree To Arm Libya In Fight Against IS

Major powers of the world convened in Vienna, Austria to discuss the presence of the Islamic State( formerly known as ISIS) in Libya.

The conference is being chaired by the United States and former colonial rulers of Libya, Italy was set to discuss how to put an end to the Islamic State in Libya and also stop the influx of illegal immigrants from Libya to Europe.

Libya has been in turmoil since the 2011 uprising which saw military intervention from NATO forces, leading to the deposition and death of Libyan dictator Muammar Gadafi.

The Government of National Accord(GNA), an interim government has received international support to help unify the divided country but the government is however met with resistance at home.

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Also another government set up in Tripoli has failed to recognize the GNA. On the other hand the jihadists control a significant amount of territory in the coastal city of Sirte. Sirte which is Gadafi’s hometown has been transformed into a kind of training ground for jihadists. This has posed a threat to world powers who believe the jihadists might take advantage of the seaport and airport to bolster their arms.

The Libyan government also announced last month that the Islamic State in Libya is likely to capture more territories soon.


The world powers have now agreed to supply arms to the GNA government.

The US Secretary of State, John Kerry said,  “The GNA [Government of National Accord] is the only entity that can unify the country. It is the only way to ensure that vital institutions… fall under representative and acknowledged authority.

“It is the only way to generate the cohesion necessary to defeat Daesh [IS].”

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The powers are also pushing for an exemption from a UN arms embargo which was imposed on Libya in a bid to keep arms and militrary weapons from being abused by extremists.