The World’s Biggest Cruise Ship Is On A Majestic Maiden Tour

The world’s largest cruise ship, otherwise referred to as the ‘Harmony of the Seas’, has set out out on its maiden tour around the world.

The giant cruise ship measures 4 times the length of a soccer pitch. The Harmony of the Seas is simply a state of the art creation. The intimidating cruise ship attracted a sizeable crowd at Southampton, England before it set off on its first tour ever. Thousands more are expected to come around to see the great Sea beauty for themselves.

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The world’s largest cruise ship will sail off on Sunday. It will commence its maiden voyage with a 4-day voyage to Rotterdam, Netherlands. May 29, the exquisite floating city and resort put together heads to Barcelona, Marseille, Florence, Rome, and Naples, where it will spend the better part of the summer. By Winter, the cruise ship which has about 2, 100 crew on board sails off to Florida and the Caribbeans.

Prior to the cruise ship’s maiden voyage, the Royal Caribbean team have taken to the social media to share both interior and exterior features of the over $1 billion (£700 million) exotic sailing vessel.

The World’s largest cruise ship has the most daunting features ever seen in the history of cruise ships.

  • It has a passenger capacity for 6, 780 people.
  • 20 restaurants.
  • 18 decks.
  • 1, 188 feet long with a 10-storey slide.
  • Decorated with 11, 252 works of art.
  • 23 swimming pools.
  • 20 dining venues.
  • 52 trees.
  • A Bionic Bar with robot bartenders.

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Do you know that the Royal Caribbean’s 226, 963-ton Harmony of the Seas also has a mini golf course? Yes it does. Harmony also has a casino, climbing walls, surf simulators, provisions for an indoor skydiving, zip lining, ice skating and a full-size basketball court. Let’s just say there is absolutely nothing missing in this cruise ship.

Harmony operates on 4 thrusters with a combined 30, 000 horse power (HP). It took 32 months to complete the construction.

World's largest cruise ship