Wow! This Tech Will Turn Your Skin Into A Touchscreen

Smartwatches have been attempting to break into the tech market for some time now. It has however been difficult to convince people to shell out their money to grab them due to what is often described as hard to control interfaces.

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That is easy to understand considering that in comparison to a cellphone or other tech devices, a watch is limited to how big one can actually make it. A lab at Carneige Mellon university may however have a solution to that problem as they work on a device that will in essence turn your skin into a touchscreen.

Skin into a touchscreen

The name of the group in the university that is responsible for the tech is ‘Future Interfaces Group’ and they have created ‘SkinTrack’, which enables continuous tracking on the skin.

The tech works basically by a high frequency AC signal. A ring is worn on the non-watch hand and it emits the high frequency AC signal which connects to a sensing wristband like the strap of a traditional smartwatch, only this time fitted with electrodes.

Skin Into A Touchscreen

When the ring finger encounters the watch-wearing hand, a signal gets sent to the watch and allows wearers to navigate their device using their skin.

Differing commands are possible from signing documents, tracing letters on your skin that will call up particular apps (say ‘E’ for email) to dragging apps of their device and onto their skin creating shortcuts and playing games utilizing your finger and arm as controls.

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The tech is not yet available for sale but the team is hopeful that it will be used in future development of smartwatches. They say; “We envision the technology being integrated into future smartwatches, supporting rich touch interactions beyond the confines of the small touchscreen,” and we can’t say we don’t agree with them.