Zambia’s Youngest Pilot Kalenga Kamwendo Clocks 1000 Flying Hours

At 21, Zambia’s youngest commercial pilot Kalenga Kamwendo has achieved 1,000 flying hours with the Zambian Proflight airline.

Kalenga achieved this milestone during a morning flight from Lusaka, Zambia’s capital to Mfuwe last week. This milestone is a great feat for someone who started flying for the airline a year and nine months ago.

Kalenga who is a First Officer is 500 hours away from becoming a Senior Officer. When a First Officer earns 1,500 flying hours, he’s eligible to sit for the exams that can grant him the Senior Officer License. With 1,000 more flying hours, Kalenga can then become a Captain.

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“My family and friends were all shocked and astonished when they heard that I have clocked 1,000 hours,” Kamwendo said.

He also added that he was delighted to have earned such a milestone in a shorter time frame than he had previously thought he would.

“I told my family and friends when I got started as a commercial pilot that I would clock 1,000 hours when I reach 25 years of age, but I am happy that I have done it at 21 years. It is a big milestone for me and my career.”

Proflight Director of Government and Industry Affairs Captain Phillip Lemba congratulated the young pilot on his achievement.

Zambia's Youngest Pilot Kalenga Kamwendo Clocks 1000 Flying Hours

“It’s quite a milestone for Kalenga, I encourage him to be level-headed, well composed and focused on his career. We as Proflight Zambia praise our young pilots for the hard work he has demonstrated from the time he started as a commercial pilot a year ago,” Captain Lemba elaborated.

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“Kalenga’s 1,000 hours remind me of the olden days when I got my 1,000 hours, 46 years ago. When I got my 1,000 hours I was still in the Zambia Air Force. Those days in the force it was a great millstone and achievement; with my friends and colleagues we celebrated together. I have flown over 20,000 hours in my lifetime, hence my young man Kalenga still has a broad road of adventure and hard work ahead of him,” he added in a statement.

Kalenga’s accomplishment is also being celebrated on Social media. With some singing the young pilot’s praises with the hashtag