Another Member Of Zim War Veterans Association Arrested For Insulting Mugabe

In the ensuing course of events between Mugabe and the War Veterans association, some members of the latter have been arrested as the government fulfills its vow to punish the ‘treasonous’ War Veterans.

The leader of the War Veterans association was arrested by the Zimbabwean police in a bid to silence every opposition of the government.

The secretary-general of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association, Victor Matemadanda was arrested during the bail hearing of the associate spokesman of the war veterans, Douglas Mahiya.

He was arrested as a group of war veterans stood outside the court, waiting for the verdict of veteran Douglas Mahiya. He was allegedly accused of “undermining Mugabe”.

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This comes a week after he was arrested at his home in Gokwe but later released.

The war veterans were not the only ones present at the hearing of Douglas Mahiya. There was a big crowd which included former vice president Joice Mujuru who is now the head of the Zimbabwe People First Party.

Although the state was wary about releasing Mahiya, whom they believed could incite public violence, the court eventually released him on $300 bail.

Series of protests have rocked Zimbabwe since a one-day strike last month saw schools, statehouses, stores closed down as Zimbabweans protested the hardships they have had to endure with the present government.

Even the long-time loyal supporters of Mugabe, the war veterans are fed up with the ruling ZANU-PF. A statement released last month by the association described Mugabe as “dictatorial” and “devour[ing] the values of the liberation struggle”.

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Mugabe retorted by saying, “when we find out who the people were … the punishment will be severe.” The once young president looked frail as he addressed a crowd of ZANU-PF supporters.