Zimbabwe Cyber Terrorists: Men Behind The Scheme Revealed

The Zimbabwean government has begun investigation into cyber terrorists believed to be sending treasonous messages through social media.

The government has the numbers of all three terrorists and plans to bring them to book.

The three Zimbabwean cyber terrorists alleged to be instigating terrorism in the country through the use of media app, Whatsapp, are under close watch by Zimbabwean authorities.

According to security forces, the three terrorists are Victor Dube, Jeff Judah Hosanna and Tapiwa Marimbe. Dube and Hosanna are residents of South Africa while Marimbe is a resident of Australia.

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State-owned Zimbabwean Herald alleged that the three men are working with the opposing party, Movement For Democratic Change (MDC-T)

Jeff Judah Hosanna reportedly uses +27744621779 to send inflammatory messages. He claims to be the leader of a group called the Smoke that Thunders Brigade.

Jeff Dube who uses +27736352897 is said to have sent a message to some Zimbabweans telling them to remain indoors on August 11 or risk being killed.

His counterpart, Tapiwa Marimbe is said to be an accountant based in Perth, Australia who uses the number +61466919413 for the same purposes.

“When the Herald asked him questions regarding his ties to the Smoke That Thunders Brigade, he affirmed it saying;

‘That is very correct. Actually, if you don’t mind, if you want an interview, if you want details you can phone me tomorrow (today) by 9 o’clock.”

He sent a video, which the Herald claims to be in their possession to users to show a man who had his face covered, packing firearms into a bag and threatening to come to Zimbabwe and kill Zimbabweans.

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When Dube was reached out to, he denied being a terrorist. Security forces have, however, stated that they would employ the services of Interpol if they have to, in order to ensure that the trio are brought to book. The Security officers added that the three are free to present themselves to clear their name.

He also advised that the Zimbabwean cyber terrorists should not be patronized, neither should their treasonous messages be resent because “those that resend such messages become accomplices of the originators and will be held accountable.”