Zimbabwe War Veterans No Longer Support Mugabe

The Zimbabwe War Veterans have for the first time outrightly condemned sitting President Robert Mugabe.

The Zimbabwe War Veterans have for a long time supported 92-year-old Robert Mugabe, who is himself a war veteran. It seems all that has come to an end as the group released a statement on Thursday calling the nonagenarian dictatorial, egocentric, and so on.

“We note, with concern, shock and dismay, the systematic entrenchment of dictatorial tendencies, personified by the president and his cohorts, which have slowly devoured the values of the liberation struggle,” part of the statement read.

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This comes at a time in Zimbabwe when many are upset with the way affairs are run by the current government and have resorted to protesting against the government.

The Veterans also said that they will stop supporting Mugabe’s political campaigns, adding that he has abandoned them for the youth of the party.

The president has of late used the youth league to bolster his image, having them organize two rallies in favor of the government following opposition protests. The rallies saw thousands present and standing in solidarity with Mugabe. This has however been disputed by many who believe the people at the million-man march and the most recent march in support of Mugabe were forced to attend.

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Mugabe who has been in power for 36 years has on many occasions stated his desire to run in the presidential election in 2018. He has not failed to express his ambition to rule the southern African country until death.

The Zimbabwe Veterans accused Mugabe of corruption, adding that it needs to be ” uprooted, and right now.”

The Zimbabwean government is yet to comment on the War Veterans’ comment. Earlier in the week, Mugabe responded to the ThisFlag protesters saying that if they did not like the state in which Zimbabwe is in, they should leave the country.