Zimbabwe’s Chief Prosecutor Tomana Charged With Obstructing Justice

Attorney General Johannes Tomana, Zimbabwe’s chief prosecutor has had charges brought against him for obstructing the course of justice.

The charge was brought against him after he dropped the charges against two out of the four men who are accused of plotting to bomb the president’s dairy, Alpha Omega Dairies, on the suggestion of his subordinate.

The charge against these men; Zimbabwe People’s Front leader Owen Kuchata, 34, Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) corporals Borman Ngwenya, 30, Solomon Makumbe, 29, and an ex-soldier Silas Pfupa, 37, was initially possession of weaponry for sabotage, money laundering and terrorism. The charge against the four men, is however now one of treason.

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Solomon Makumbe and Silas Pfupa were released after the State decided to use them as witnesses against their alleged companions. The Chief Prosecutor, Attorney General Johannes Tomana and his subordinate, Prosecutor Michael Mugabe (the Presidents nephew) were then arrested on Monday on the charge of obstruction of justice. Both Makumbe and Pfupa have been re-arrested just two days after their release.

The younger Mugabe was also released on Monday without any charges brought against him and it is speculated by Tomana’s lawyer that he will likely become a state’s witness in Tomana’s case. Late yesterday, Tomana’s release was ordered by Magistrate Vakai Chikwekwe on a $1000 bail.

His lawyer speaking to the press after the release, sounded out his elation at the outcome of the bail hearing, “I feel that today, the constitution will sleep well. Prosecutor general is independent in the discharge of his duties. Certainly that discharge cannot be reviewed by the police. Where do they stop if they are unhappy? If you allow the police to arrest; why would they not arrest a judge, for instance, after he has rendered a determination and say we do not like this determination? To hell with your independence”.

Attorney General Johannes Tomana is scheduled to appear in court again on February 16.

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