5 Facts You Need To Know About Reaction Time (Tal Fishman) – The American YouTuber

Before 2015, the leading meaning of reaction time was the amount of time it takes to respond to a stimulus, until Tal Fishman started his channel, Reaction Time on YouTube and the dominant meaning changed. Today, a google search of Reaction Time would deliver Tal Fishman’s videos and YouTube channel link with a few physics related links lodged in between.

That is the redefinition and reorganization that has been going on since social platforms like YouTube and Twitter were invented. The popularization of co-opted words and invention of new ones has changed our vocabulary structure. Such is the effect of popular creators like Tal Fishman who owns Reaction Time, a popular YouTube channel that has risen to the top of the ladder in three short years.

Learn more about Tal Fishman and his channel by reading below.

Reaction Time (Tal Fishman) – Biography

Reaction videos are one of the most popular genres of videos on YouTube. Various people recording themselves reacting to a popular video making the rounds isn’t exactly a new invention but when Tal Fishman started doing it, he brought evolution to the genre that has helped him to over 11 million subscribers in three years.

Reaction Time was created in 2015 consequence of Tal Fishman trying to stay on the creator’s table when his younger brother, decided to stop being a part of Tal and Short, an older channel that they had both started together. Tal Fishman, who loved making videos decided to go on without his brother and thus birthed Reaction Time.

Although the channel was coming into an almost saturated YouTube genre, he brought some ingenuity to it by reacting to pictures and other trending content on the internet. Using brilliant editing skills, he creates reaction video much more involved and detailed that results to an overall more entertaining reaction video.

Since the channel started gaining traction, he has had friends appear on the channel which creates a diversity of personality on the channel and in turn, of reactions to contents on the channel. So far, the channel has over 11 million subscribers and over 1.5 billion views. He has over uploaded over 1000 videos.

As for the content creator and owner of the channel, Tal Fishman, he was born in Southern California in Los Angeles on the 27th of December, 1996. He has one brother and a sister, Adi Fishman, who is also a YouTuber.

Five Facts About Tal Fishman (Reaction Time)

Tal Fishman has Three YouTube Channels

Tal can be considered a serial creator who simply loves making videos and he is committed to making money off his passion. Apart from Reaction Time, he has two other channels, Game Time and Free Time, which used to be Tal and Short.

On Game Time, which was inspired by his Reaction Time audience and his own desire to diversify from reaction videos, he uploads gameplay videos of low budget or indie games. As part of his commitment to doing something different with a popular genre as he did with Reaction Time, his foray into the gaming genre of YouTube videos has him playing and giving exposure to low budget, independent games that most gaming channels are less likely to play because of the genre’s focus on the big, popular games. The only exception to this principle of his is GTA V.

On Free Time, which is more like a jack of all trades channel, he posts vlogs, challenges, and fun videos and interactions with his friends. The channel used to be Tal and Short, the original channel he had when he joined YouTube with his brother, Adi Fishman.

Tal and Short is a Description of the Brothers’ Physique

Having mentioned earlier that Tal and Short was a partnership channel with his brother before he quit making videos, the channel was named after the physique of both brothers. Very clever.

Reaction Time

He has a Huge Following on Social Media

When it comes to popular YouTubers, they are like the cool kids of the internet and that reputation follows them everywhere they go on the internet including regular social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. On his twitter, @talfishman, he has over 144 thousand followers and on Instagram, @talfishman, he has over 900 thousand followers.

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He has a Net Worth of $3 Million

With over a billion views and a consistent number of views at over 100,000 views per video, Tal Fishman (Reaction Time), when the ad revenue potential and other brand alignments are considered, has a net worth of $3 million.

Tal Fishman has a Clothing Brand

The YouTuber has taken advantage of the popularity of his work to tap into the merchandise market with his very own clothing line, Timeless Brand. The merchandise can be bought at his website, timelessbrand.com.


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