Alaina Marie Mathers Bio – Age, Parents & Siblings

The beautiful Alaina Marie Mathers is the first daughter of Marshall Bruce Mathers III best-known by his stage name Eminem. Her life is not without dramas but unlike other children from famous homes of celebrities, she has kept her head away from scandals and the public glare. We take a look at the life of Eminem’s lesser-known daughter.

Who is Alaina Marie Mathers?

Alaina Marie Mathers is the adoptive daughter of the American legendary hip hop rapper, Eminem. She was actually born on the 3rd of May 1993 to his late sister-in-law Dawn Scott.

Alaine Marie was named Amanda Marie Scott at birth but in the course of her adoption into the Mathers family by her aunt, who is also her birth mother’s twin sister – Kimbley Scott, the ex-wife of Eminem, she took up the Mathers surname.

Very few information exist about the celebrity’s early educational endeavors, however, she is reported to have attended the University of Oakland, where she was pursuing a degree in Public Relations.

Alaina is a very private person and rarely reveals anything about herself to the media, perhaps that is why she has not personally created any known social media account. However, her closeness with her sisters – Hailie Scott Mathers and Whitney Scott and a few enthusiastic fans have helped us know some of the things they have been up and about.

As regards Alaina Marie Mathers’ relationship, it is a bit sketchy to ascertain who her man may be. Alaina Marie Mathers has a pet name Lainey as given by the confrontational rapper father Eminem. She has an estimated height of 7 inches taller than 5 ft whilst her weight is pegged at 60 kilograms. She is quite fleshy with tattoos inscribed on her back, neck, and arm.

What to know about her Parents and Grandparents

Alaina Marie Mathers’ biological father’s name is not known as her biological mother Dawn Scott was said to have been in a couple of sexual relationships with different men hence could not identify whom the actual father of her child was.

Dawn Scott was born on 9th January 1975 with her twin sister, the former wife of Eminem, Kimberly Anne Scott. They both grew up in a rough neighborhood with an alcoholic abusive stepdad.

She and her twin allegedly ran away from home at the age of 13 years but ended at the trailer house of the Marshall Bruce Mathers II family, with Deborah R. Nelson-Mathers acting as their guardian. From there on, the twins formed a special bond with Eminem. Down the line, Marshall Bruce Mathers III – Eminem fell in love with Kimberly.

Unfortunately, Dawn Scott, out of frustration and depression fell into drugs and alcoholism in the late 1990s and early 2000s and could not be saved. As she repeatedly refused to get the much-needed help required to set her life in order. This behavior was what prompted the immediate need of Eminem and Kim in adopting the young Amanda Scott in a bid to give her a better life and a sense of belonging in a family.

Sadly, after years of struggling with substance abuse, Alaina Marie Mathers’ biological mother was found dead in 2016 in her room as a result of substance overdose suspected to have been heroin.

Noteworthy is the fact that Kim and Eminem who were high school sweethearts married twice but also divorced twice. Their relationship went on-and-off for 20 years before they finally called it quits for good in 2006. Their final split happened after an argument ensued between Kim and Nathan – Eminem’s brother.

Alaina Marie Mathers
Alaina Marie Mathers and sibling Whitney Mathers image source

By the virtue of adoption, Alaina Marie Mathers became the grandchild of Deborah R. Nelson-Mathers Briggs and Marshall Bruce Mathers II. 

The mother of the rapper Eminem has had her fair share of his tongue on his songs. Her high handedness in handling her kids and some of her past stance on his love life and other actions have been castigated by Eminem in some of his songs. 

However, the real biological grandparents by virtue of birth of Alaina Marie Mathers are Casimer Sluck and Kathleen Sluck; the parents of Kim and Dawn Scott.

Details of her Siblings

Her siblings by virtue of adoption include Haile Jade Scott Mathers, a social bee, who was born in December 1995, two years after Alaina Marie Mathers was born while Whitney Scott Mathers was born in April 2002, she was the product of a relationship between Eric Hatter and Kim.

Whitney like Alaina Marie Mathers was adopted by Kim and Eminem in 2005 after they got back together after Kim’s stint in rehab.

Alaina Marie Mathers and her 2 sisters have matching necklaces made by their dad for them. It is estimated to be worth about $375,000. She equally has other direct siblings from her mother Dawn Scott namely; Patrick Scott and Adams Scott, however, not much is known of them except for the fact that they are not under the care of the Eminem.

Adams is reported to be both a mentally and physically challenged individual perhaps owing to the fact that his mother seriously indulged in drugs whilst she was pregnant with him.


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