Alex Cowper-Smith – Bio, Relationship With Alice Eve and Other Facts

Many celebrity marriages often do not last. This has led some to conclude that perhaps it would be better for celebrities to marry non-celebs in order to have a long-lasting union. However, this does not seem to do the trick either as can be seen in the union of Alex Cowper-Smith and Alice Eve. Alex Cowper-Smith is a British financier and investment banker. He rose to the spotlight as the husband of popular English actress, Alice Eve. Their love story had the makings of a great Hollywood script but sadly ended in divorce. Find out more about Cowper-Smith here including details of his split from Alice Eve.

Alex Cowper-Smith – Bio

Alex Cowper-Smith was born on New Year’s Day (1st January) 1970. He is a British national and has spent his life mostly in the U.K. There is not much information about his family background or potential siblings. However, it is not hard to deduce that he hails from a privileged background given all the prominent educational institutions he attended. Alex Cowper-Smith attended Westminster School, one of the most prestigious secondary schools in England. For college, Cowper-Smith attended the highly-ranked Nottingham University.

He studied business and finance and graduated in 2003. Since leaving school, Alex Cowper-Smith has slowly but steadily built an impressive career in the world of investment banking. He has worked for giant corporations such as Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs is one of the largest investment banks in the world and offers services in assets management, investment management, etc. Cowper-Smith joined Goldman Sachs as an entry-level associate. However, through sheer dint of hard work and determination, he has risen to the level of a financier in the company.

Relationship with Alice Eve

Before we delve into the subject of Cowper-Smith’s relationship with Alice Eve, it is proper to get a little background info on the lady herself. Alice Sophia Eve is a British-born Hollywood actress. She grew up in London and had her education at various schools including the Westminster School. She also attended Oxford University where she studied English. Eve began her acting career on stage appearing in several school productions.

Since that humble beginning, she has acquired an impressive filmography in Hollywood. On the small screen, she has appeared in TV series such as Entourage, Iron Fist, The Rotter’s Club, and Black Mirror, etc. On the big screen, she has appeared in movies such as Starter for 10, Crossing Over, Men in Black 3, Star Trek: Into the Darkness, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb and She’s out of My League, among others.

Alex Cowper-Smith
Alex with Alice Eve: image source

Alex Cowper-Smith and Eve first met while they were both students at Westminster School. They fell for each other and subsequently commenced a romantic relationship. The couple, however, did not want to hold each other back. As such, they decided to break up upon graduation in 2000 and moved on with their separate lives.

The couple subsequently reunited in 2014 after being apart for more than a decade. Cowper-Smith proposed to Eve in August 2014 and she said yes. The couple’s nuptials took place on the 31st of December that same year. The ceremony was a low-key one which featured their closest friends and family. It was held at the Brompton Oratory London.


Alex Cowper-Smith and Eve enjoyed marital bliss for two years before divorcing in 2017. The reason for the divorce has been attributed to their busy and conflicting schedules which made them grow apart. It is common knowledge that acting is a strenuous career; this is also true of investment banking. The couple tried to make the union work but it all came to naught.

They have now moved on with their respective lives. Alex Cowper-Smith is single and has not been romantically linked to any individual. It is, however, very much possible that he has a lady in his life but is shielding her from the spotlight. His ex, Eve, has also been quiet on the relationship front. However, in October 2018, she was spotted kissing a mysterious man in L.A.

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Other Facts about Alex Cowper-Smith

1. Cowper-Smith has a tall slim body build and his height is given as 5 feet 7 inches (1.7m).

2. He is an old fashioned gentleman. He reportedly obtained permission from his future father-in-law before proposing to Alice Eve

3. Cowper-Smith is a charitable fellow and has taken part in half marathons to raise money for the British Red Cross Society

4. He previously split his time between L.A. and London when he and Eve were together. Since the split, he is now permanently based in London.

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