Unearthing New Details About The YouTube Success And Personal Life of Alex Burriss of Wassabi Productions

Wildly hilarious and truly audacious, Alex Wassabi is an American YouTuber who has become a very popular face on the video-sharing platform after having garnered millions of subscribers over the years by keeping people glued to his channel with his witty parody video releases. If you have always loved parody videos, there is every chance that you must have heard of him or Wassabi Productions.

The journey to gaining fame and a huge following on social media was quite challenging for Alex but he had some help from his friend Roi Fabito who teamed up with him to form their production outfit which has gained wide attraction. But how did it all start for them?

Alex Wassabi and His Journey To YouTube Fame

Born on the 28th of March, 1990 in Great Falls, Montana, USA, Alex Wassabi, whose birth name is actually Alex Burriss, was destined to make people laugh. While still a young boy in high school, he often cracked people up and was considered the class clown because of his hilarious antics which made him popular among his peers.

He was known to always time himself and wait around a corner just before the school bell rang so that he could dive into class and crack people up with jokes. It was clear that he was on the path to becoming a comedian.

The Birth Of Wassabi Productions

Wassabi Productions is the brainchild of Alex Wassabi and his friend Roi Fabito. The two friends met while in middle school in Durham, North Carolina after Burriss’ parents relocated there when he was about 3 years old.

Wassabi and Fabito began a friendship that would later change his life. In the year 2005, Fabito decided to make some videos with friends and create lasting memories. He asked Wassabi if he was interested in doing the same thing and he agreed to join. They started making videos and keeping them. At the time, YouTube had not been created.

Alex Wassabi
Roi Fabito and Alex Wassabi

Eventually, YouTube came into existence in 2006 and the friends decided to post their videos on the platform. They created their YouTube channel and Wassabi Productions was born. They started by first making parodies of music videos which created some buzz online.

After graduating from college, the two friends moved to Los Angeles as part of their efforts to grow their YouTube channel. The move immediately had its reward as they made their most popular video to date, a parody of the song “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. The video shot Alex and Roi to the top of the YouTube ladder, with the video garnering over 100 million views and gaining them millions of subscribers in the process.

Since then, Alex Wassabi has been a part of a successful channel that has accumulated over 3 billion views and more than 11 million subscribers. The success of the channel has led to tours where Alex and his friend would travel around the country and other parts of the world meeting their fans, hosting shows, and creating more content for the channel.

In 2012, the friends introduced two characters to their channel; Richard and Rolanda. Alex Wassabi played the character of Richard who is disliked by Rolanda, the character that was played by Roi Fabito.

Rio Fabito’s Exit

In 2016, after making videos with Alex Wassabi for about 10 years, Roi Fabito decided to leave Wassabi Productions. According to him, he was quite unhappy at Wassabi Productions and wanted to pursue other things.

When Roi departed, the creative burden of the channel rested solely on Alex. However, he has since risen up to the challenge by creating another channel titled Cuckoo Squad where he posts solo vlogs as a way of connecting with the fans and viewers of Wassabi productions.

The channel under Alex’s control also features his brothers; Andrew and Aaron Burriss, who are YouTubers with the Lazyron Studios channel. He has also taken his stardom beyond YouTube by starring in films and series like The Duff, Escape the Night, and Laid in America.

Is Alex Wealthy?

As the current owner and manager of Wassabi Productions, with access to the channel’s ad revenue and other brand associations, Alex Wassabi is expected to have raked in quite a lot of money for himself.

At the moment, the exact amount of money Wassabi has been able to rake in so far is not quite certain. However, different reports have estimated his net worth to be between $3 million to $7 million.

Inside Alex Wassabi’s Love Life

Alex Wassabi
Lauren and Alex Wassabi (image source)

Alex Wassabi was in a very loving relationship with a lady called Lauren Riihimaki, who also happens to be a YouTuber. The couple began dating in 2015 and their romance was not a secret at all as they made sure to publicize their love on their social media platforms. They also attended several events and appeared in videos together. Fans thought highly of their relationship and some even considered them to be the perfect couple.

However, in September 2018, Alex and Lauren broke up. They interestingly announced their break-up in a video on YouTube. The development shocked their fans who thought they were going to get married.

Alex Wassabi later explained why they broke up in another video.

According to him, he and Lauren broke up because they realized they have to grow individually to be able to function as proper lovers. This means that they may end up coming back together in the future. Wassabi has since that time claimed to be single.

Alex Wassabi’s Brothers Are Just Like Him

Alex Wassabi was born into a family of six that consists of his parents and three siblings; two brothers and one sister. As mentioned above, his siblings are also like him as they have charted their paths as YouTubers.

Alex Wassabi
Alex Wassabi and his brothers.

Alex’s elder brother Aaron Burriss is now a popular YouTuber who is known for his YouTube channel titled Lazyron Studios while his younger brother, Andrew Burriss, is also a YouTuber who is known for appearing in his more popular brothers’ videos.

Wassabi’s sister, Mariah, on the other hand, hasn’t quite yet tried her hand at YouTube content creation. She is rather active on Instagram where she has more than 20k followers.


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