Alexandria Zahra Jones – Bio, Family, Facts About David Bowie’s Daughter

Being the child of a star doesn’t mean the fame and attention wouldn’t get to you. In fact, the attention may end up being more than what your parents get. That’s how it is for Alexandria Zahra Jones.

She is the daughter of the superstar couple; late multiplatinum English singer David Bowie and Somali-American supermodel Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid. Her father was revolutionary in the 20th century, spicing up the music industry with his various mixes of musical genres and larger-than-life performances. He had his albums certified platinum, gold, and silver in both the UK and USA.

Even after his death, critics still laud him as being one of the most influential musical icons of all time, and his music has continued to be appreciated all over the world.

Alexandria Zahra Jones Bio

Alexandria, also known as Lexi or Lex, was born on the 15th of August, 2000. She was born at the Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, New York. Her parents, David and Iman, got married in 1992 after his first marriage failed. They waited quite a while before Iman got pregnant and Lexi was born. Before she was born, her mother had trouble conceiving. The couple had tried IVF, which had failed, and was looking into adopting a child before they realized Alexandria was on the way. Because of this, she’s been described as a miracle baby.

When she was born, her parents’ lives changed altogether and they traded bad habits for good ones. Her father, for instance, decided to quit vices such as smoking and drinking and turned over a new leaf. He started out on a healthier, low-fat diet so he could be present and around for his family.

Their lives revolved around her after she was born, and the couple grew closer in their marriage. They lived in London and New York, and it wasn’t difficult to spot Alexandria with her parents. Besides her mother being a supermodel, she is also a linguist. She’s very fluent in Somali, Arabic, French, Italian, and English. Her mother is of Somali descent while her father is of English and Irish descent.

Alexandria Zahra Jones is quite young and focused on her studies. To that effect, she manages to live a quiet life away from the glare of public attention and paparazzi. There are no records of her being in a relationship; one thing that is certain is that she is a foodie and loves traveling.

Her Family

Alexandria Zahra Jones
Alexandria with a friend

Alexandria Zahra Jones’ family has had its fair share of the spotlight thanks to the star status of her parents. The attention no doubt reflected on their immediate and extended family, but the couple was able to manage the stardom without letting it affect their marriage nor the upbringing of their children. She is the second child of both her father and her mother.

They both met at a Los Angeles party, and David described falling for Iman as something that was immediate. They dated for a while, and 18 months after their initial meeting they tied the knot at a private event in the French-speaking town of Lausanne, Switzerland; this was on the 24th of April and in the year 1992.

Her mother describes Alexandria’s birth as the happiest time of her life. Her arrival made David reduce his work ethic, allowing him to take his daughter to school and spend time with her on various activities. Zahra’s grandparents are Margaret Mary Jones, Haywood Stenton Jones, Mohamed Abdulmajid, and Marian Abdulmajid.

Facts About David Bowie’s Daughter

1. Her Siblings

Alexandria Zahra Jones is the only child born to her parents as a couple. However, she has two half-siblings from her parents’ previous marriages; Duncan Jones from her father’s and Zulekha Haywood from her mother’s. David was first married to Angie Barnett and Iman was married to Spencer Haywood.

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2. Alexandria Zahra Jones’ Net worth

David Bowie willed 25 percent of his net worth to his daughter. This means that Alexandria Zahra Jones is worth the tune of $25 million. The other 25 percent went to her half-brother Duncan and the remaining to her mother Iman.

3. Body Measurements

Sporting eyes and hair that are brown in color, David Bowie’s daughter weighs 50 kg (111 lb). This is perfect for her height as she is 7 inches taller than 5 feet.


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