All The Fun Facts About Alexi McCammond of MSNBC and Who Her Boyfriend Is

Alexi McCammond is a passionate journalist who is gradually paving her way to the top through hard work and dedication. She is a news editor and reporter with strong interests in politics as evidenced by her career profile. Though still a budding journalist, McCammond is undoubtedly one to watch out for in the industry.

In her short years as a professional journalist, she has reported and broken major stories in politics, especially the coverage of the tumultuous US 2016 and 2020 Presidential elections. Some of her stories, like an encounter with Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign trail, have become national news. It has been a swift and rewarding rise for the University of Chicago graduate.

The Education of Alexi and What We Know About The Family She Was Born Into

Alexi McCammond is an Illinoisan whose exact birth date has not been made public, but she was reportedly born in 1994. She is one of the three kids born to Shelli McCammond and a father whose name is yet to be shared with the public.

The only information McCammond has disclosed about her father is that he is a 6 feet 3 inches tall African American. We also know that Alexi is not the only child of her parents. She has two siblings, a brother named Braxton and a sister called Aubyn. She was raised with Braxon and Aubyn in the suburbs of Chicago.

According to Alexi’s academic records, she attended Guilford High School, Rockford. An ambitious young lady, she once nursed dreams of becoming a medical doctor. Unfortunately, her father lost his job, and the family began experiencing some financial constraints in her junior year, ultimately crushing the dream.

Still, Alexi McCammond was a bright student, and with great grades, she applied to three tertiary institutions after high school. They were the University of Chicago as well as two other Ivy Leagues, Yale and Brown University.

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Thankfully, Alexi got an offer which her family described as a ‘lottery win’ from the University of Chicago in 2011. The burden of paying tuition fees, housing, and books were lifted off their shoulder with a full four-year academic scholarship worth $60,000 per annum to study Sociology, Romance Languages & Literature.

She Started Her Journalism Career as An Intern

Alexi McCammond began working as a student to support herself through school. Her first job was as an intern political reporter at The Gate Undergraduate Political Review. Next was as a digital editorial intern and a freelance political writer with Cosmopolitan magazine.

After college, Alexi landed a job with Bustle. She joined the online magazine in 2016 as a political and news reporter. She quickly rose through the ranks to the position of an associate news editor. Given her strong interests in the political scene, McCammond got assigned to cover the 2016 presidential debates for the media outlet. Alexi left Bustle in 2017 and currently doubles as a national political reporter and deputy news desk editor for the American media company, Axios.

Known for reporting political stories, she became the subject of one in 2016, while covering the 2016 presidential elections for Bustle. She had a run-in with Donald Trump during a press conference.

Alexi McCammond
Alexi with Jonathan Schwan during an event for Axios: image source

According to Alexi, like other pressmen present, she used her phone as a recording gadget to ask the then-Republican candidate a question about the elections but was rebuffed. In a viral video, Alexi claimed Trump grabbed her wrist, ordered her to put the phone down, and then shoved her hand down.

The incident brought Alexi McCammond into mainstream consciousness and improved her national status. Her feud with former NBA star Charles Barkley in 2019 over a sensitive joke also increased her national exposure.

A Look At Her Onscreen Appearances

Her work primarily requires her to go into the field and report on happenings in the field online. However, Alexi has appeared on television too, with a noticeable footprint as a broadcaster. She has featured on several news programs for MSNBC, Fox Business, and local stations like the ABC affiliate, WJLA, and the New York-based radio station, WNYC.

Shortly after graduation, she hosted the short series, Love, Factually. She was also a panelist on This Week’s The Powerhouse Roundtable. In addition to that, Alexi has appeared in more than eight episodes on the TV documentary, Axios, and was a panelist on Reliable Sources.

Major National Stories and Awards That Have Defined Alexi McCammond’s Career

The University of Chicago had faith in Alexi McCammond’s skills and talent when it offered her a full scholarship in 2011. So far, the journalist has proven that the faith wasn’t misguided with a series of achievements in her profession.

She has recorded achievements like transforming Bustle into a leading media outlet for millennial women. She grew the website’s politics and news coverage, touching on important social subjects like the labor market and reproductive rights.

Politically, she has covered significant events like the Democratic National Convention, and the 2016/2020 Presidential debates. Before she joined Bustle, she covered stories like Marco Rubio’s New Hampshire primary for Sarasota Tribune.

Other notable stories in Alexi’s portfolio includes breaking the story on the leaked presidential schedule. The schedule revealed President Donald Trump spent 60% of his day on ‘Executive Time’. A euphemism for a range of activities, from calls with other Presidents and Heads of States to live-tweeting.

As for awards, Alexi has received the Michael K. Feeney Emerging Journalist Award from the National Association of Black Journalists.

The Journalist Will Get Married In The Nearest Future As She’s Engaged

Since the gorgeous journalist began gracing our screens, fans have been curious to know who the man in her life is. Alexi McCammond is not the type to openly share details of her personal life. However, we have learned a few things about her over the years as she becomes more popular.

She was in a romantic relationship with Washington-based photographer and former Axios employee, Rob Groulx. Based on their social media posts, the two supposedly began their relationship in 2017. However, the relationship ended, and Alexi began a relationship with Matt Kuncman, who leads a more private life.

After a presumably substantial period of dating, Alexi and Matt got engaged. She announced the development on June 8, 2020.

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