Who Exactly is Alexis Roderick – Billy Joel’s Wife? All You Need To Know

Having had a history of women Billy Joel, the piano man added one more bride, Alexis Roderick to his list of wives. She is an equestrian who gained a spot on the list of fame after her union with the legendary music artist. Prior to her union with the singer, she worked as a broker for Morgan Stanley. Follow us as we tell you more about Joel’s Mrs.

Who Exactly Is Alexis Roderick? – Billy Joel’s Wife

Alexis Roderick is the wife of the famous singer-songwriter, composer and pianist, Billy Joel. There is a sparse of information regarding her birth date and month, however, it is no hidden fact that she was born in 1982.

Regarding her education, Alexis bagged a degree in political science, economics and Latin America studies from the Stony Brook University. Shortly after she graduated, Alexis Roderick became a broker for Morgan Stanley Smith Barney firm in Garden, New York City. She also holds over 8 years of experience as a finance professional. Also, she is a registered member of the Broker-Dealer Registered Representative (RR).

Alexis Roderick
Billy Joel and Alexis Roderick

Alexis Roderick never had a spot on the list of famous people until her union with the renowned music artist and legend, Billy Joel. An interesting fact about these two love tale is their age difference. Well, Alexis was just a lone girl who worked with a broker firm, we could bet that she just wanted to pass through life and live it after all.

The two met at a restaurant in Huntington in 2009 and started out as friends. They, however, had to take a step further after realizing what they shared. Initially, their relationship was unpublicized until they surprised their friends with a glamorous wedding ceremony at the singer’s place at Long Island Estate on 5th of July 2015. Their wedding was officiated by the New York governor, Andrew Cuomo.

Their wedding came as a surprise to many because Billy as at the time of his union with Alexis, was thirty-three years older, plus the fact that he had been married thrice. Alexis Roderick’s union is blessed with two daughters. Their first baby, Della Rosa joined the family on August 12, 2015, while their second child, Remy Anne, arrived on October 22, 2017.

Billy Joel has a daughter named Remy, who is almost the same age as his new wife Alexis. Prior to his union with the broker, he has been married thrice. His first union was with Elizabeth Weber Small, a lady he snatched away from her husband Jon Small. His act caused severe damage to his relationship with Jon. That notwithstanding, he finally married Weber in 1973. Their union lasted for a while before they called it quits on July 20, 1982, with no children.

Joel’s second marriage with Christie Brinkley produced a daughter named Alexa Ray Joel. The duo had their wedding sometime in March 1985 but like his first, it came crashing on August 26, 1994. Joel’s subsequent union was with Katie Lee, they got married in October 2004 and separated on June 17, 2009.

From what we gathered, Alexis, though young, has played the role of a perfect mother and friend to Alexa, Joel’s first daughter. In fact, Billy and Alexa were both at Alexis side when she gave birth to her second child, Remy.

All You Need To Know

Body Measurements

Alexis Roderick is a statuesque beautiful blonde who stands at 5 feet 5 inches with an unrevealed weight measurement. She often times falls her blonde hair while giving the most charming smiles in most of her uploaded pictures.

Net Worth

The lady’s husband has made enormous wealth from his musical gigs. He is noted as one of the richest musicians in history with five Grammy awards. He has a net worth of $160 million. On her part, she has also made a few earnings from her previous job and her position as an equestrian, however, it is quite difficult to pin down her personal net worth.

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Her equestrian career

Sometime in February 2018, Billy purchased a horse ranch for his dearly beloved wife in Wellington. She currently hosts celebrity equestrian functions in the horse-crazy village.

Alexis Roderick is very private about her personal life

Apart from the fact that Alexis Roderick is married to a known singer, there is a dearth of information regarding her immediate family. She has not spoken publicly about her parents or if she has any siblings.

From all indications, Alexis Roderick is tight-lipped. Details of how she spent her formative years are not readily available. She has also hidden basic information regarding her high school education.


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